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What to Do When Your CBD Flower Smells Danker than THC Bud

For most people, if we could smoke dank cannabis every day, we would. But that's not always an option. There are states where the good-good is still considered illegal and jobs where - even if you live in a legal state - you can't light up on any ol' weekend. Except, of course, for the growing marketplace of cultivated CBD buds. 


Because CBD is not psychoactive (and thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill), you can enjoy most of the delicious, uplifting benefits of good cannabis even with THC was taken out of the picture. In fact, in non-legal states, growers are perfecting big, beautiful, sparkling buds full of relaxing CBD and awesome terp blends that just so happen to have less than 0.3% THC so you can still toke up without crossing those tricky lines of legality.


Smoking Hemp Has Never Been This Good

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Smoking rope used to be a joke about low-quality cannabis with little to no THC content. But today, you can find delicious buds that provide a pretty nice lift even without a heady THC content. You can find CBD strains that grow big buds. You can find purple leaves, golden orange hairs, and buds that even smell so dank that you'll think you're smoking full-strength weed. You get the full flavor of professionally cultivated cannabis along with the advantages of your favorite terp blends, just without the out-of-your-mind highs that full-force THC would add.

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For people who need to keep a clear head, smoking the fine hemp strains from today's growers can help you relax, unwind at parties, or get an incredible night's sleep. You get the full flavor and relaxation that you love from good cannabis, but without the associated risks regarding your job, the law, or your ability to operate heavy machinery.

The Benefits of Dank CBD

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A lot of people wonder what the point of cannabis is without the THC, but you might be surprised just how powerful good CBD can be. With a potent blend of terps, strong CBD provides a lot of what you're looking for in good cannabis, including a heady entourage effect. Here are some of our favorite benefits of cultivated CBD flower.

Kicking Back and Relaxing

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CBD has always been essential to the relaxation benefits of cannabis. If you're looking to kick back with your feet up, feeling the sunshine on your face (even when indoors), then strong CBD is just as good as THC, but without the few hours of mind-melting.

Deep, Dank Sleep

If you like a bowl before bed, dank CBD buds are the perfect remedy to achieve deep, satisfying dreams. You'll be snoring all night long in just a few tokes. Just ask your CBD bud-tenders for a sleepy terp blend. CBD helps you to relax and can even help regulate sleep disorders.

Workout Booster and Muscle Recovery

CBD is also great for inflammation - which means that it's excellent for both workouts and muscle recovery. CBD can help your workouts last longer with less pain, reduce post-workout aches, and help you recover from intense workouts faster by controlling inflammation at every stage. Whether you like lifting weights or going for runs, CBD is the bomb.


The Risks: When Your Legal Cannabis Smells Like the Sticky Icky

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However, there is one complication: The better your hemp, the more it smells like the good stuff. We're talking stuff a towel under the door and smoke it through a dryer sheet kind of good stuff. The kind of stuff your mom can smell the moment you walk through the door. The kind of smell that makes your coworkers raise an eyebrow when it lingers on your clothes.

Spray your favorite smelling BluntPower air freshener!

The good CBD buds can smell just like the dankest marijuana you've ever smoked. So, while you might be on the right side of the law; one sniff and no one will believe you haven't been toking the finest imported marijuana all afternoon. 

Using All Your Old Tricks to Avoid Trouble

CBD bud may be legal, but you're going to need every trick in the book to keep yourself out of trouble on the smell factor alone. 

Toke at the End of the Day

The trick most of us fall back on is to save the weed until the end of the day. Toke alone at home (or only with cool people you trust) and shower in the morning. This will have you smelling fresh for work no matter how dank your buds were the night before.

Smell-Proof Containers

For storing your stanky CBD, invest in a smell-proof container. These are typically clam-shell cases that are made of materials that don't let a single telltale whiff out of the compartment so that you can share space with others and not risk getting the stink-eye over the stank of dank buds - no matter how legal they may be.

Shower and Change Clothes After a Bowl 

If you toke pungent CBD during the day, stop for a shower and make sure to wash your hair. Put on a fresh change of clothes and you'll be free of the smell before your next appointment.

Toke in the Shower

Alternately, you can toke in the shower. Or at least in the bathroom with the shower on. Turn on the bathroom fan and the shower at the same time. Moisture from the shower will dilute the particles in the air that create that signature cannabis smell while the fan carries it all safely away.

Mask the Smell

If you need to toke on the go or to make sure your home doesn't smell too dank when someone comes to visit, the best answer is to mask the smell with a powerful air freshener like Blunt Power.


Blunt Power: Smoke the Finest Hemp Flack-Free

Blunt Power is an air freshener designed to defeat the smell of cannabis no matter how dank your last buds were - or how recently you lit up. Our powerful air freshener formulas aren't just for marijuana, though. The blends work perfectly for dank CBD buds, too. If you've been smoking the finest hemp greens, Blunt Power's heady oil blends will not only provide soothing masking scents, it can also knock those telltale cannabis smells right out of the air, particle by particle. 



Whether your buds are sparkling with THC trichomes or rich with CBD terps, Blunt Power has what it takes to keep you out of trouble while you enjoy the finest greens that your state and lifestyle have to offer. Contact us today to hook up your favorite scents and solutions.

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