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7 Little Known Ways To Get The Stank Out Of Your Clothing

We've all been caught red-handed at one time or another.

We stashed the stash.

Gargled with Listerine...

...and OF COURSE sprayed air freshener all over the house. 

But...People still looked at us funny, wrinkled their noses, and turned away from us. Things that make you go "hmmmm" and "Arrrrg"

Whether it's cigarette smoke, smoke from weed, or some combination thereof, you must remember to get the stank out of your clothing. The particles in smoke settle on every surface it can get on, including skin, hair, and clothing. No matter if we are freshly showered and clothes laundered, if we smoke or toke, we still smell.

Here are 7 little known tips for getting the stank out of clothing.  You're welcome.

 1. Fresh Air

Nothing beats Mother Nature for straightening us out. Just hang the offending article of clothing outside. The fresh air will get into every stitch, clearing away all odors. You might want to spray some Summer Breeze Blunt Power on the article to help Mom Nature along.

Hey, every little bit counts.

2. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

If the item of clothing is small enough, place it in a gallon Ziplock storage bag. Shake some Arm & Hammer baking soda into the bag. Give it a shake. Now store it overnight, giving the baking soda time to soak up the stank.

Take it out and shake it out the next day for a restored article of clothing. Next up?

3. Hot Steam

Hang the item of clothing in the bathroom. Pull the shower curtain or shut the glass door after turning on the hot water full blast. Close the bathroom door and let the item steam for a few minutes. You might want to spray Bahama Breeze Blunt Power air freshener in the air to help things along. Let the clothing dry.

This is a handy method for fabrics that can't go into the washer and/or dryer. Speaking of which...

4. In The Wash

Yes, I know we said "little known ways" to get the stank out. But WASHING YOUR CLOTHES is pivotal in eliminating odor. Otherwise everything you are doing is just covering the stank up. 

But, I've got something you probably didn't know about coming up next...

 5. Vinegar

For the toughest odors, you can either pour a cup of white vinegar straight into the wash to help the detergent get the stank out, or you can pour a cup of vinegar into a large bowl or the sink as a pre-soak.

Let the item soak for thirty minutes to an hour. Wash as you normally would. Want another secret odor obliterating hack?

 6. Lemon

Lemon juice is a modern miracle. It cleans, it bleaches, it perks up a tired recipe, and much more, including a slammin' drink (more on drinks in a sec).

It just takes one half cup in the washing machine to get the stank out.

7. Vodka

We have to admit, we never heard vodka had any sort of cleaning power. Have you? 

However, we've heard that if you pour one half cup into the washing machine, the odors will come right out.

We've heard the same of rubbing alcohol. Of course, when you're buying vodka, get the cheapest brand and save the good stuff for drinking!

...BluntPower Air Freshener To The Rescue

When all else fails, you don't have time to wash, or you've only got minutes before someone comes over, try this. Spray down, inside and out, the item of clothing with the Blunt Power air freshener of your choice.

We recommend scents like Baby Powder, Ocean Breeze, or Autumn Breeze.

Then, Hang outside to air out.

There's no need to panic when you've been smoking and learn someone is coming to visit. Just do one of these things to get the stank out of your clothing, and you'll be good to go.

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