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Our unique & unforgettable scents have been formulated by rockstar perfumers and trusted by Smokers for over 25 years. Discover what all the hype is about #TheOriginal.
Planning the Perfect Marijuana-Tourism Vacation
Recreational legalization is awesome. It's the bombest thing to happen in the..
10 Tips to Keep Your House from Smelling Like An AshTray
You love the sticky icky. And now that it's legal, you can enjoy it shamelessly..
How to Identify a 420-Friendly Place to Stay on Vacation
If you're a friend of Mary Jane, you want to kick it with her every time you..
10 "Secret Menu" Items To Order At Your Favorite Fast Food Spots
You're craving some fast food but nothing on the menu sounds just right, so you..
what happens when bluntpower hits miami?
The Pot Smoker's Guide to Eliminating stank odors fast
As much as you love your bud, you probably don't love the smell of it hanging..
9 Little Known Ways To Use Smell to your advantage
Our sense of smell is the most powerful sense we have. Scents have the power to..
Scents and Emotions: What Turns Women On
For women, whether they know it or not, there is a connection between smell and..
10 Best Hip-Hop Songs Written About Weed
Hip-hop has had a significant role in shaping the cannabis culture we know and..
How to Make Marijuana Butter AKA: CannaButter At Home (Without Getting Caught)
Everyone knows that marijuana and munchies go hand in hand. There's nothing..

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