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Our unique & unforgettable scents have been formulated by rockstar perfumers and trusted by Smokers for over 25 years. Discover what all the hype is about #TheOriginal.
Why Is Black Friday called Black Friday
A shopaholic's favorite day of the year, just after Thanksgiving, Black Friday..
6 Things To Do To Celebrate The Veteran In Your Life.
Why EVERYone should celebrate native American heritage
November is designated as Native American Heritage Month, and it is the perfect..
The Top 7 Scariest Movies Of All Time
Most horror movie fans love to be scared and will repeatedly watch an excellent..
The Truth About Hispanic Heritage Month
People of Hispanic ancestry have helped shape America's history for centuries...
What Is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil? - Pt 2 of 2
What CBD Oil is Best At CBD ingested influences the CB1 receptors and has the..
10 Best Rap Groups of All Time
Although in 2019, rapping is pretty much a solo endeavor; not counting ghost..
5 Tips for Toking During a Your Holiday Vacation
If your family lives in a legal state, you're in luck. You don't have to leave..
10 Secret Places to Air-Freshen to Really Get the Stank Out
When you walk into a stoner's house or apartment... you know. Your nose tells..
National Video Game Day: The 9 Awesome Benefits of Playing Video Games & How to Clean Up After
September 12th is National Video Game Day, and you know what that means: Glass,..

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