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BluntPower Blog

Our unique & unforgettable scents have been formulated by rockstar perfumers and trusted by Smokers for over 25 years. Discover what all the hype is about #TheOriginal.
10 Secret Places to Air-Freshen to Really Get the Stank Out
When you walk into a stoner's house or apartment... you know. Your nose tells..
10 Tips to Keep Your House from Smelling Like An AshTray
You love the sticky icky. And now that it's legal, you can enjoy it shamelessly..
5 Hilariously Useful Ways to Apply Air Freshener Mists
Scents play an important part of our lives, and not always in the ways you..
The Connection Between Smell and Memories
Don't take your sense of smell for granted. It is a powerful trigger to recall..
Why Wholesaling Air Fresheners Should Be Your Next Side Hustle.
Do you love a good side-hustle? Some people are born hustlers. They could sell..
How to Market Blunt Power Air Fresheners & Incense in Weed-Free Areas
Science and Scents: How Smells Trigger Memories
You may have noticed that certain smells trigger memories you experienced a..
Spilled the Bong Water? How to Get that Bong Water Stank Out of Your Carpet FAST
We've all done it at least once. Maybe it was one of those bongs with no base..
8 Little Known Ways To Use Smell to your advantage
Our sense of smell is the most powerful sense we have. Scents have the power to..
7 Tips for Getting Rid of STUBBORN Dog ODOR
We all love our furry friends but certainly not the way they make our homes..

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