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10 Tips to Keep Your House from Smelling Like An AshTray

You love the sticky icky. And now that it's legal, you can enjoy it shamelessly in your living room alone or with your best buds (pun intended). You can kick it all weekend long or unwind after a long workday. You can invite your friends over for movies and blunts or, if you're like many of us, your friends just show up with their favorite strains and you wind up toking and laughing all night.

But there's just one problem: Completely unfettered access to the good buds can make your house smell like Blunt Central. The moment your mom, friends, guests, or new squeeze step into the house, they're going to think you do nothing but smoke out and watch Scooby Doo all day, which is NOT the impression you want to send. Not to mention, you probably enjoy a clean fresh-smelling home no matter how much you love that skunky green.

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So for you cannabis connoisseurs today, we've got a quick and comprehensive guide to make sure your house does not wind up smelling like Blunt Central during daylight hours.

1) Contain Your Cannabis

One sure way to make your living room smell like skunk weed is to leave your buds and half-smoked blunts out in the open air. That fragrance that is delicious when you need to relax is also hella pungent just sitting in out there on the coffee table. Not to mention, it's probably getting dry.

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Start your destankification by containing your cannabis. Anything that you haven't smoked yet, or have only half-smoked, needs to go into a smell-proof container. A mason jar will do 'ya, and so will a nice humidor. But for all your stoner gear, consider getting a cool modern smell-proof bag. These carbon-layered fabric pouches can be zipped and combo-locked so that no one's getting into your stash without permission. And the no-smell design means anyone not in-the-know will have no idea that neat little black pouch is holding anything special at all.

2) Hold Your Hits

You know how weed smoke gets into the air? You breathe it in big awesome clouds out of your lungs. You're thinking 'No Brainer', but wait! What happens when you hold your hits for a really long time? The cloud is less visible, right? Right.

That's because your lungs and mucous membranes absorbed a lot more of the weed smoke, so there's less to see when you exhale. In fact, the longer you hold your hit, the less it will have a lingering Eau-de-stoner. So the next time your toking blunts or hitting off your little spoon pipe, take a deep breath and count to ten slowly, or even higher if you can! Not only will it increase your high and use your weed more efficiently, it can also help you keep your house from smelling like a pot farm.

3) Air It Out

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Putting a towel under the door is to keep smells from escaping. But to get rid of the smell in your primary smoking sesh spot, you're gonna need to air it out. Turn on the kitchen and bathroom fans. Open a few windows, and get your ceiling fans going at high-gear. Consider running your HVAC fan on high without heat or AC. Do anything you can to get air moving around your house and funneled out a door or window. If you have box fans, put them in your smoking-room doorways or windows pointing outward.

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4) Run a Filter or Purifier

Air filtration can also be your best friend, here. If you're in a serious hurry, if your mom has a radar-nose, or if you're in a family neighborhood where you can't air it out freely; try purifying instead.

If you have an air purifier, clean the filter and get it running in the room with the strongest stank. And if you don't have an air purifier, ask yourself if this is a tool you will need in the future. You may also get some mileage out of replacing your HVAC intake filter, which will pull weed particles out of the air as your AC runs normally.

5) Clean Out Ashtrays and Trashcans Daily

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You should also be thinking about where your blunt ashes and smoked-dry roaches are going. Whether you use an ashtray, a trash can, or both... they've got the stank. To keep that smell from becoming a permanent fixture in your house, clean out your ashtrays daily and take out your ashy trash bags pretty frequently. Even if the bags aren't full yet.

Fortunately, BluntPower can help you cover the smell of hundreds of toke-out sessions over your living room carpet or in your favorite comfy chair.

Weekly, wash your ashtrays and scrub them with soap and a nail brush to get the residual stuff off the surfaces. If there's sticky resin, use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or cheap vodka to scrub it away.

6) Light a Blunt-Stopping Incense Stick

"Light a match" is the universal way to cover up unwanted smells. There's something about the sharp tangy smell of wood smoke that can overpower previous scents. And incense is designed to do this even more effectively. When you've got a little time to prepare your space, or you just want to create an overall good ambient smell, Blunt Power incense is a smart solution.

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Burning the occasional stick of incense in your living room or other favorite smoking places can seriously cover the lingering smell of marijuana and ash. And waving around a stick of incense can quickly cover a faint smell when your radar-nosed mother is on the front walk.

7) Baking Soda the Carpet & Couch

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Now it's time to think about the carpets. Your carpet (and the upholstery of your couch) can absorb a ton of weed smoke. More than you can possibly imagine. Weed is heavier than air, meaning it will eventually drift down like microscopic raindrops once the smoke cools. And it settles on your carpets and upholstery, which eventually infuses itself with weed smell. You might even notice the vacuum making the smell worse, not better. This is why some campers and garage-dens smell permanently like blunts even if a joint hasn't been rolled near them in years.

What you can do for your dual-purposed space is baking soda. Sprinkling a layer of baking soda over the carpet and soft furniture can soak up odors and make your vacuum much more effective. Leave the baking soda there for at least half an hour, then vacuum it up completely.

8) Wash Throw Pillows & Couch Blankets

One thing it's easy to forget is your living room soft decor. If you have throw pillows, a couch-blanket, a dog bed, or any other soft small items in your favorite smoking room, they probably also smell faintly of the stoner lifestyle.

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Be sure to wash all your soft decor from time to time. Throw the blankets and pillow covers in the wash, or surface-treat pillows with permanent covers.

9) Spray a Powerful Air Freshener

And, of course, when you've done everything that filtering and incense and baking soda can do, you have one final recourse: Blunt Power air freshener spray. Which is effective on way more than just air. With dozens of powerful yet gentle scents to choose from, you can easily eliminate that final lingering odor of last night's smoke-out (and the tons of smoke-outs before that) before your mom comes over.

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You can freshen up your living room to smell like roses, eucalyptus, or fresh rain moments before your uptight but so-fine girlfriend steps in through the front door. And with a few sprays, you can eliminate the last traces of weed-smell before your stoner friends arrive. Just to see the hilarious look on their faces when they think -- just for a moment -- that you've gone straight-edge.

10) Do the 'Arrive and Sniff" Test

Our last tip is how you will know you've been successful. It's called the "arrive and sniff" test. Start by leaving your house. Take a walk around the block or actually go off to work or school for the day. When you come back, open your front door and take a big sniff. If you can no longer smell that sweet sticky-icky beckoning you from the living room, you are golden. If you're not sure your nose can tell the difference anymore, grab your most trustworthy straight-edge friend to do the sniff test for you. Just to be sure.

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