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10 Secret Places to Air-Freshen to Really Get the Stank Out

When you walk into a stoner's house or apartment... you know. Your nose tells you immediately if someone in the house appreciates a little of the herb, and just how dank their buds really are. There's a special tang in the air when someone's been toking that brings a smile to your face. Unless, of course, that smell is in your apartment and your mom, landlord, or uptight sister are coming over for a visit.

With BluntPower air freshener, you can cover even the smell of your dankest dabs and stickiest buds, but you gotta know where to put it to really get the stank out. Spraying your air freshener around the living room de-stankifies the living room, but what about the rest of the house? Will your mom catch a whiff on your clothes, coming from your room, or a tell-tale tang from your back patio ashtray? Not if you follow our next instructions to the letter.

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Without further ado, here are the top ten secret places to spray your BluntPower to make your home 100% stank-free:

1) The Laundry Hamper


Every time you toke a blunt or light a bowl, the smoke clings to your clothes. So you're smart enough to change shirts before meeting your mom, but what about your hamper? That hamper has days of mary-jane infused fabric all together in one place, and the smell is going to waft faintly from wherever your dirty clothes pile up.

While you could quickly start a load of laundry, it's faster and easier just to point the BluntPower spray directly at the hamper before it gives you away.

2) The Clothes Dryer


Your dryer is another potential source of secret weed smell. Not every clothes wash fully removes the smell of your last joint from the fibers, and the warm fabric is more fragrant than cold or wet fabric. This means whatever's in your dryer (or fresh from the dryer) is more likely to smell like MJ than any other clean thing in the house.

But a quick spray of BluntPower in your dryer (with or without clothes) will keep your blunt use private even if your uptight guests do a little laundry of their own.


3) Your Vents and Air Filter


If you smoke indoors, your home vents are going to pick up a little marijuana residue, which is one of the reasons homes smell like smoke for longer than seems reasonable. Where is the stank really hiding? In the air ducts and filters.

Don't neglect the vent system when freshening up before a visitor. Spray your vents and AC air intake to get rid of that tell-tale stank and freshen up the air that is circulating through your home.

4) The Kitchen


It's hard to resist toking in the kitchen when you've got a good buzz on, and the munchies kick in. There might even be a canna-chef in the house using the now freely-available cannabis oil for cooking delicious infused goodies at home. Of course, this also comes with its own distinct and delicious aroma. If your kitchen smells like mad buds, BluntPower can help. A quick spray around the stove and exhaust vent can freshen up the entire room, hiding your history of midnight tokes and munchies.

5) The Carpet and Soft Furniture


All fabric in your house or out on your smoking patio is going to absorb some smokey marijuana particles. Ash, smoke, and vapor from dabs are just part of the game. So your carpets and upholstered furniture definitely have the risk of giving you away. Especially if your not-down-with-it visitor decides to vacuum your stuff for you.

Fortunately, BluntPower can help you cover the smell of hundreds of toke-out sessions over your living room carpet or in your favorite comfy chair.

6) The Bathroom Fan


For many stoners, the safest place to enjoy a spleef is in the bathroom with the fan running to avoid stanking up the rest of your house or apartment. That little bathroom fan can do a lot to clear away the stank, but it pays its own price. That bathroom fan can start to smell like your secret bowls and blunts and can even spread the stank around when turned on.

Instead of leaving the fan as a surprise stank factory, saturate it with a smell that was designed to cover that distinct marijuana aroma.

7) Your Favorite Smoke Spot


Of course, we can't guess every place that might have absorbed some stank in your house, but you can. Consider your favorite places to toke out alone or when your friends come to visit. Every surface or fabric that might have picked up a few smoke particles or absorbed that sweet, tangy smell.

If it's a whole room, light a little BluntPower insense.

If you're in a hurry or are dealing with fabric, spray some powerful anti-MJ air freshener to keep your uptight visitors totally unsuspecting.

8) Your Car, All of It


Stoning in your car has been a favorite pastime since before MJ was so freely available. Whether you like to chill out on the commute or just relax with the car as your best couch, it's a great place to kick back and relax. And that smoke can infuse every fiber of that special car interior upholstery material. Fortunately, a few sprays of air freshener can quickly reinvent the smell of your car to something fresh and pleasant that even your grandmother wouldn't suspect.

9) The Dog or Cat


Do you stone with a super cool pet at home? There are tons of stoner dogs and canna-kitties who make great couch companions. They might even have their favorite strains or enjoy some pet-edibles. But your smoke will stick to fur with a smell that's bound to give you away when a guest gives your buddy a scruffle. Don't forget to freshen up your pet before your shared stoner stank gives you away.

Never get caught stankin again with these Odor Eliminators 

10) Your Hair


Finally, remember that you're also one awesome stoning animal with your own fur to think about. If you've been smoking earlier in the day, your hair can smell like the blunt you had with lunch. If you don't have time for a shower and wash, a quick air freshener spray can work wonders to hide the fact that you walk around with your head literally in a marijuana cloud.


BG for BLUNTPOST (2)-3There are tons of situations where you'll want to get the stank out fast before the wrong person catches a whiff. BluntPower air freshener can save you from all those awkward moments to be avoided, especially if you remember to spray the secret spots where stank likes to linger quickly. For more great tips on getting the stank out fast, contact us today or check out the e-store!


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