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Spilled the Bong Water? How to Get that Bong Water Stank Out of Your Carpet FAST

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We've all done it at least once. Maybe it was one of those bongs with no base that tips at the slightest table wobble. Maybe one dramatic sweep of your hand during an awesome stoner story (or air guitar solo) sent the bong flying. Maybe it was a pet, a rookie stoner friend, or a freak accident involving a thunderstorm and a can of cheese-whiz. Whatever the cause, your heart pretty much stops the moment you see the bong tipping.

Bong Water Disaster Alert

Too late! The stanky bong water that you've been cultivating with your dankest buds sloshes up the side of the bong and splashes all over your living room carpet. It's not really the mess that gets to you, or the embarrassed look on your friend's face. It's the smell. You know from past experience that once bong water touches a carpet, there's no going back. That your living room will smell like bong forever. Right? Wrong.

Wipe the sweat off your forehead, friend, because you won't have to throw away your carpet or change your name and move to a new town just because of one clumsy moment with the bong. Bong water is pretty noxious, but there are ways to get that stank out before your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, or pastor drops in later today. And today, BluntPower is here to show you how.

1. Extract Any Chunks

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Bong water usually has a few bits of resin floating around that is actually the biggest (and stankiest) risk to your carpet. These bits are sticky chunks that can be ground in if you step on them or squish them. But right at the moment of spillage, they are easiest to get up and out of the equation. With the help of any fellow bong-spillers, carefully pick up the little bits of resin in the spill zone and keep them from bonding with the carpet fibers. Use rubbing alcohol to keep your fingertips or tools non-sticky so you can pick up more bits until all the bits are gone. The following scents will help you remove any odor from the Bong Water

2. Blot It Mostly Dry with a Towel

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Now you've got the stanky water to deal with. Grab an old towel that you mostly don't care about and blot up as much of the water as you can before it has time to infuse your carpet fibers or soak into the carpet pad underneath. Use more than one towel if necessary. Remember, the same tricks we use on the carpet can also de-stankify those towels later on.

3. Soak the Spot in Rubbing Alcohol or Cheap Vodka
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Any remaining resin or weed residue is going to be sticky and resistant to coming out of the carpet, but we've got the answer. Just like cleaning your weed pipe, rubbing alcohol or cheap vodka (high proof alcohol of any type) will neutralize the resinous particles and allow them to let go of your carpet fibers. Spray alcohol onto your carpet with a bottle or dab it on with a soaked cloth to break up the resin.

4. Scrub With a Bristly Brush

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Now grab your bristliest brush. A nail brush is a deal, but you can also use a floor brush or even a bristly hairbrush to do the trick. Agitate the carpet fibers to help the alcohol soak and loosen any remaining resin which is what packs that stanky punch. Scrub in tight circles or pulling in from the edges to avoid accidentally spreading the mess.

5. Vinegar & Baking Soda
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Next, it's time to make a volcano in your carpet. Vinegar is the most popular go-to solution for bong water in the carpet, and baking soda is a natural scrubbing agent that enhances its vinegary powers. Start by damping the carpet with a spray bottle or soaked cloth where the bong water fell. Then use a towel and a bristle brush to agitate the carpet and soak up the released particles and moisture.

For more odor neutralization, you can try sprinkling dry baking soda on the area and leaving it for a few hours before vacuuming it up. The following scents will help you remove the smell from the Vinegar.

6. Rent a Steam Cleaner

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Of course, your panicked damping and scrubbing can only do so much, and baking soda sitting takes hours to really be effective. If you need your carpet dry and smelling like a rose TODAY, then a steam cleaner is your best solution. You can rent one at Walmart or Home Depot for about $30 a day, and they are incredible carpet cleaning machines.

A steam cleaner injects hot soapy carpet shampoo into your carpet, then beats it with beaters and sucks the now-dirty moisture right back out. Not only will a steam cleaner destroy that bong water stain, but it will also show you just how much ash has hit your carpet since the last time the carpet was really truly cleaned.

7. Spray with BluntPower Air Freshener

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Finally, there's the finishing touch and emergency action all in one. If you barely have time to mop up the bong water before your mom shows up, a few spritzes of BluntPower air freshener can completely transform the smell of your living room carpet and hide your stanky secret until you've got time to finish the cleaning process.

And if you've done everything possible and now your living room smells like vodka, vinegar, carpet soap AND a lingering smell of bong water, BluntPower is your answer to that, too. A few spritzes onto your now-clean carpet will help finish the job; covering the smell of cleaning supplies and stale mary jane in one while also making your living room smell amazing.

Pick a light clean scent if your goal is to hide that the disaster ever happened. And if your bong spill put an impressive first date or mom inspection in jeopardy, then pick something strong and tangy to show off just how good your apartment always smells when visitors come calling. Spilling bong water doesn't have to be the end of your carpet or your social life. With these quick tricks to clear up the resin, the water, and the lingering smell, you can spill your bong at lunch and host dinner on the same day without your guests suspecting a thing. These are the "So Fresh, So Clean" Fragrance Sets for you.

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