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8 Little Known Ways To Use Smell to your advantage

Our sense of smell is the most powerful sense we have. Scents have the power to transform our mood, take us back in time to relieve a cherished memory, and even change the way we feel about ourselves. Some scents can relax, while others motivate us. Scents like sandalwood and rose can make us feel sexy, while the scent of pine can remind us of Christmas with Grandma. There's a whole world of possibilities when it comes to smells, and the way they make us feel.

Use scents to your advantage. Avoid sticky situations by using Blunt Power air fresheners to freshen up even the smokiest room. No one will have any idea you've been smoking when you use one of our scents. Clean up your home, office, or car, and get rid of the smoke smell, while replacing it with something you'll enjoy.

Blunt Power has over 200 unique scents to choose from. We understand that with such a wide selection, it can sometimes be hard to make a decision. That's why we created this guide to get you started. Scents are a great way to set the mood. Create the exact atmosphere you're looking for with one or more of our fantastic scents. We've listed eight moods, and the scents that can help you create the mood you're looking for. Each scent can be used alone, or in combination to create the perfect aroma. Keep in mind that this is not an extensive list, browse our catalog for even more ideas. However, this list is a great starting point to get those creative juices flowing. Get rid of unwanted stank while creating the perfect mood with the ideas listed below.

1. Encourage a Sexy Evening


Seduce your lover by using one of our romantic fragrances on your body, or set the mood by spraying in your home or bedroom. Try using in the car, for the ride home from a hot date. You might end up encouraging them not to go home after all. The following scents can be used alone or in combination to encourage a sexy atmosphere:

2. Relax and Relieve Stress


Sometimes you just need to chill. Light a blunt and put your feet up, but get rid of the weed stank, by using one of our signature scents that encourage relaxation at the same time. Big day ahead of you? Use one of these scents in your car on the way to work or class, and you'll find your heart rate slows and your head will clear. Also, try spraying on your pillow if you're having a hard time sleeping. Use the following scents alone or in combination to encourage a relaxing, stress-free environment:

3. Motivate and Increase Productivity


When you have a long list of things you need to accomplish, we have just the right scents to get you moving. Light a stick of incense while you clean the house, or spray in your car on the way to work. These scents will get you pumped and ready to take on the day. Use the following scents alone or in combination to motivate and increase productivity:

4.Home Sweet Home

Some scents have the ability to transport us back to a time when we felt loved and cared for. Whether that was growing up, baking cookies with mom, or talking to Grandma over Christmas dinner. Sometimes it's cinnamon rolls in the oven and our morning coffee. The following scents are warm and comfortable, for the perfect home, sweet home aroma:

5. Summer Vacation


Re-live memories of relaxing on the beach, chilling with your friends around the campfire, or drinking frozen pineapple drinks with a little umbrella. Remember the tropical suntan oil that makes you feel incredibly sexy every summer? These scents will bring back all those memories and more. Use in your car on the way to the beach, or spray in the dead of winter to warm yourself up. The following scents will remind you of a tropical summer vacation:

6. So Fresh and So Clean


OutKast knew what they were talking about. Sometimes you just want that fresh clean feeling. Spray on your body right after a shower, or use to freshen up your home and fool people into thinking it's clean, even when there are still piles of laundry lying around. It's okay, we all need a little help now and then to smell our cleanest. The following scents will give you that fresh, clean feeling:

7. Concentration

When you have an important task that requires all your brain power, use one of these powerful fragrances to help you concentrate. Use at your desk, while studying, or light a stick of incense before you sit down to write a new song. Some scents have an incredible effect on our minds, to focus and clear our thoughts. Use the following scents to increase concentration:

8.Let's Party!


Invite a group of friends over, put on some great music, and get everyone in the mood to party with these cheerful scents. Spray on yourself before you head out to the club, or just spray the room when you're sitting at home to create an uplifting atmosphere. The following scents are great for when you want to party:

Because BluntPower has such an extensive collection of scents, there are probably many more than could fit into each category. Part of the fun of ordering from BluntPower is exploring all the scents we have to offer. Hopefully, this list has given you a starting point for finding the perfect scent for your needs. Get rid of that stank smell, and replace it with something that will transport you to a better place.



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