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10 Products You Didn’t Know Could Have THC in Them

Cannabis has come a long way from the days of only existing as a plant. As marijuana becomes more legal in several states, the cannabis market continues to boom and expand. Thanks to modern technology and extraction methods, companies can now infuse cannabis into all sorts of items, from food and beauty products to drinks, air fresheners, and makeup.

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THC and CBD, the two main ingredients in cannabis, can enter the body in many ways, including ingestion, through the skin, vaping, and smoking. Hence, the number of products that can be made with THC and CBD is endless. In the last few years, there's been an increase in THC and CBD-infused products in the market, which users take for anxiety, depression, muscle aches, arthritis, and epilepsy. 

In this article, we explore ten products you didn't know could have THC in them.

1. Coffee Beans

Coffee bean - Wikipedia

THC and coffee have to be one of the greatest marijuana innovations ever. You can "wake and bake" at the same time, ensuring you stay active and enjoy a pleasant sense of euphoria. 

Cannabis coffee contains two main ingredients, THC and caffeine. The caffeine boosts your dopamine and serotonin levels and releases adrenaline to keep you energized and active. The THC, on the other hand, stimulates brain cells to release more dopamine, giving you a good buzz. Combine the two together, and you get a one-two punch of creative euphoria and alertness. 

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There are several pre-made THC-infused coffee beans you can purchase in the market in different dosages, from 20mg to 200mg. The brewing process is similar to regular coffee.

2. Seltzers

What Is 'Hard Seltzer' and How Unhealthy Is It?

Drinking seltzers (fizzy water) is a refreshing way to curb your thirst without the extra sugars, minerals, and carbs. These light and bubbly drinks have been around for decades and, over the last few years, have evolved to contain THC. THC-infused seltzers come in unexpected and fun flavors like blood orange, blackberry, and pineapple jalapeno and contain a gentle dosage of THC. 

With cannabis seltzers, you can drink your weed and hydrate your body. Most of these products are fast-acting, so you'll feel the buzz in no time. 

3. Vodka

Vodka Soda Recipe | Absolut Drinks

Another great way to drink your weed is with THC-infused vodka. Consuming alcohol and cannabis may seem like a lot, but as it turns out, they balance each other quite well. Alcohol keeps the conversation flowing, while THC keeps you chilled and relaxed, elevating your social drinking experience. 

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Most people assume CBD and THC are only infused in soft alcoholic drinks like wine and beer when they can also be added to hard drinks. This includes vodka, gin, and rum. So, next time you want to have a mellow drinking experience and ease your stress, drink cannabis vodka. It has a unique flavor profile and pairs well with various mixes and cocktails. 

4. Hot Sauce 

The Best Hot Sauces, According to Food & Wine Editors

Hot sauce is a quick and easy way to add flavor and a little fire to your dishes. Now, with cannabis hot sauce, you can calm things down as you heat things up. CBD hot sauce works like regular hot sauce, except you get the pain-reducing, calming effects of cannabidiol. You can have it with any of your favorite foods, from pizza and tacos to chicken wings, rice, and noodles. 

5. Tampons

Tampons Benefits How To Use And Complications

It's no secret marijuana is a pain reliever, and humanity has long used it to address menstruation and the painful cramps it comes with. As a result, many companies are infusing CBD and THC into their female hygiene products to help ease menstrual pain. 

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While there's no significant research that shows whether THC-infused tampons work, some women claim they offer a degree of relief. They work by entering the bloodstream through the vaginal mucus membrane, giving your body a dose of THC or CBD. 

6. Lube

DUREX Play Climax Naturals Glide Flavoured Personal Lubricant Lube Massage  Gel | eBay

Lube makes the sexual experience more pleasurable for both parties, but adding THC takes things to the next level. On the one hand, the lube will add a moisturizing and soothing effect; on the other, THC will trigger a release of dopamine to make your sex mind-blowing. 

Since the vaginal walls contain a mucus membrane, THC can quickly diffuse and enter your bloodstream. If you and your partner love weed and having sex, consider giving THC-infused lube a try for an out-of-this-world experience. 

8. Dog Treats

Homemade Dog Treats ⋆ Real Housemoms

Cannabis is slowly making its way into the pet industry, with companies creating THC-infused treats and snacks for dogs and cats. These products are made with the correct dosage of THC to help dogs relieve pain and relax while improving their quality of life. Studies suggest they're safe, so there's no harm in trying them out to give your dog a buzz. 

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9. Breakfast Cereal

How to choose (and make) breakfast cereals that are actually good for you -  BBC Food

Breakfast cereal is one unusual product that can contain THC. Today, brands such as WOW make some of your favorite childhood cereal laced with cannabis to help kickstart your day with a good vibe. If you're looking for a cereal high, you may want to try some THC-infused breakfast cereals, from Captain Crunch to Toast Crunch.

10. Perfume/Cologne

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Cannabis usually has a potent, distinctive smell, which makes smelling like weed unflattering and unpleasant. However, some high-end THC-infused perfumes and colognes boast a sophisticated and pleasant blend of scents that leave you smelling good and fresh all day. These products infuse THC with scents of sandalwood, jasmine, rose, vanilla, and violet, making for an irresistible smell. 

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Another popular product in the fragrance niche that can be infused with THC is air fresheners. Cannabis air fresheners refresh your home's air and kill odor-causing bacteria while delivering a relaxing and chill aroma. One good example is BluntPower, which comes in various flavors, including lavender, ocean breeze, cotton candy, and kush. So, the next time you're having a stressful evening and want to relax, just spray BluntPower in your home. BluntPower doesn't have THC. It's a regular air freshener that's strong.

A Cannabis-Infused Future 

Cannabis-infused foods exploding in popularity despite uncertain legal  future | Baking Business

With cannabis making its way into almost every consumable product, the industry will continue booming. Expect to see THC and CBD infused into the most unexpected and unusual products. 


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