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10 Things All Partiers Need on St. Patty’s Day

Where my party people at? Irish or not, St. Patty’s day is the one day of the year where we’re all encouraged to start the morning off with loaded irish coffees and copious amounts of beer and whiskey. And this year it’s actually on a SATURDAY!!!  I predict an epic buzz…

It’s expected that you come dressed head to toe in green accessories, there are no fashion police here, so this is the time to channel your inner leprechaun.

So let’s get ready to get slammed ya’ll.  The editors at the BluntPower Gazette have found the ten items every professional St. Patty’s day partier needs to have fun.  Let’s get started...


For reals, you wanna party like they do in Ireland?  Start it off with some green eggs. Here’s a kill-r recipe:

Crack the eggs.  Throw out the shells. Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper and 2 to 3 drops of blue food coloring to the eggs to make the desired green color. Whisk the eggs until they are completely mixed together. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium-low heat. Cook the eggs. (Might I recommend your partner/spouse/lover/friend roll a fatty whilst you make the breakfast?  Seems like a decent deal to me…)


Next, get the vibe rolling with a sweet-ass green tee to show your commitment to the drinking holiday.  If you live by a Five Below you can get one for cheap, but maybe today’s the day your splurge on a Target brand...OR - take a white one and dye it with some food coloring and write whatever the hell you want on it.  Here are some Ideas:

I’m not Irish but I am stoned.  And that’s green.

Stay Calm and Roll A Fatty for St. Patty

Kiss Me I’m Highrish


Day drinking is a marathon not a sprint, you want to be prepared to drink all day long. A tie flask is the way to go, it keeps your hands free and wallet full!  Available at Walmart ;)


So you get to the bar and apparently the funsucking bouncer thinks the alcohol scent seeping from your pores is too strong for him to let you in. This is where you take a walk down the block and whip out a BluntPower Air Freshener out of your pocket spray a couple spritzes over your head and you’re gucci. Keep the green theme with some Kush - this shit smells GOOD!


Shades are a must for this holiday for more than one reason. The first being to protect your eyes from any air bound beverages, gold coins, or leprechauns.  


All necks on deck! You need one or three of these around your neck to make it known that you are serious about your St. Party’s day strategy. Who knows it could be your lucky charm to a couple free shots of Crown Royal...


Ok so not to make myself look old, but back in the day all we had to open a beer can to shotgun it was can opener.  Now there are actual, shotgun tolls you can buy - and even get your Greek on it! That is pretty frikkin cool.


Beer coat time! It’s going to keep you warm but what’s going to keep your beer cold? A Koozie! Hopefully you’ll be comfy all day long and your beer should be too.


Use a beer bong for yourself or get a bongzilla so you and your fellow ‘Irish for the day’ friends can embrace teamwork to finish all the beer!


There can never be too much beer at a party. Get ready to stock up on all sorts of different beers and even add green food coloring to your beer to really get into the holiday spirit!

St. Party’s day is almost here and it’s time for you to start your party day prep. Having these 10 things plus the hype of being with all your friends will guarantee a banger of a day!

And by the end of the day you’ll be saying I-rish I-rish!!!  I-rish I was Irish!

--Always remember to party responsibly my party people

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