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10 Tips for Getting As Much of Your Deposit Back As Possible

cleaning aptOkay fam, it's time to get your security deposit back—or as much as humanly possible. Most landlords like to take a slice for wear and tear (even though they shouldn't), but the best way to get that starter cash back when you're moving out is to give the big-L nothing to worry about. When the house looks pristine, smells great, and can be turned over to a new tenant quickly, that's exactly what a landlord wants to see and what will inspire them to give all or most of your security deposit back. 

But wait, there's an art form to this. Just broom-cleaning the space isn't enough. If you really want to secure your security deposit, you've got to take real steps to make the place impressively clean when you're through—and ensure that's the condition your landlord records when they walk through. Take it from some truly professional renters, we know how to do this up the right way.

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1) Dig Out Your Move-In Checklist

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First things first, dig out that old move-in checklist you filled out long ago. This is not just some move-in chore, it's also the criteria your landlord will be looking at when they decide how much of your deposit to give back. Ideally, you took photos and wrote down some real detail during your move-in. But if you're like most people, you have no idea where that checklist is or didn't keep a copy. So email your landlord and ask for one. They'll be impressed that you care.

If they have move-in photos, or move-out photos from the last tenant's walkthrough, ask for copies. This proves the state of the home before you moved in.

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2) Empty Rooms and Clean As You Pack

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Next, empty rooms one at a time. As you pack up, empty rooms so that you can start cleaning them from top to bottom. Broom-clean is the requirement, but you can do better to win back most or all of your deposit. An empty room is much easier to clean than a full one. 

The way to do this is methodically. When you're packing up, choose your first room and box up absolutely everything, or move things you still need. Stack the boxes in a hallway corner and then move out the furniture to be disassembled or sold. Now you have an empty room that is easy to clean.

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3) Do an Inch-by-Inch Inspection for Scuffs and Scratches, Then Repair

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Don't let your landlord be the first to find any little flaw they might tax you for. Find those little scuffs, scrapes, and scratches and take care of them yourself. A few daubs of same-color paint (raid the closets as there's often a spare can from the last turnover) can go a long way.

Fill Wall Holes with Putty

Get a little drywall putty and scrape-flat a small amount over every nail hole or dent in the wall. Essentially, build the wall back out to "whole" before you go.

Apply Dabs of Touch-Up Paint

Use little touches of paint to cover our putty spots, major scratches, and unwashable scuffs.

Fill Wood Scratches with Wax Sticks

If you have wood floors or built-in shelves that have been scratched, get a wax-stick wood repair kit. These sticks are the same color as popular shades of wood (and can be mixed) to fill those scratches with same-color wax. Yes, this is the approved repair method.

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4) Get Those Never-Cleaned Spaces

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Now really prepare to impress by cleaning those spaces that most people never even think of or look at closely. When these are pristine and dust-free, your landlord's eyes will see perfection without even realizing which details are so clean.

Above Your Head: Light fixtures, fans, vents, and molding

Look up (always clean from top to bottom). Notice the light fixtures, vents, and crown molding. They are, most likely, extremely dusty. Remove the dust to give your rental a crisp, clean look.

Below Your Knees: Kick molding

Now check out the walls and kick molding down below your knee level. Scuffs tend to build up unnoticed in this zone. Clean and paint-repair to make the space look subtly cleaner.

High Traffic: Doors, knobs, handles, switches, and outlets

Watch out for those smudgy places where hands are always touching. Wash your doors! You'd be amazed how dirty they get. Focus on knobs, handles, light switches, and outlet covers.

The In-Betweens

Look for little in-between spaces that rarely get cleaned, like the space between the sink and the tub.

Both Sides of the Windows and the Blinds

Wash your windows, on both sides of the glass where you can reach. Then wipe down those old rental mini-blinds so they gleam in the sunshine.

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5) Report Repairs Before the Walkthrough

Don't let your landlord be the first to catch appliance repair problems or structural issues, either. If you don't want to be "held responsible" (aka, deductions from your deposit), you'll need to report these issues as early as possible. Ideally, send in your last repair report at least a month before move-out.

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6) Steam Clean: Your Carpets Never Looked So Good

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Have carpets that look dingy? Want to make sure your landlord sees soft, fluffy carpets? Rent a steam cleaner. This is a great trick and extremely affordable for one day of running warm, soapy water through your carpets until the fibers gleam. You can even remove the smell of old spilled bong water.

Steam cleaner rental is one of those secret tricks of really experienced renters like ourselves. When you're done and the water runs clear, the carpet may be cleaner (and a different color) than you've ever seen it before. Not all landlords steam-clean between tenants. 

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7) Don't Leave Anything Behind

Do the final audit when you have everything packed up and in the truck. Check every drawer, every closet, and behind every usually-open door. Don't leave socks under the dryer or a sweater hanging on the back of your closet door. Make sure every single personal item is removed - so that your landlord can't charge you the "cost" of shipping it back or tossing it out later.

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8) Take Photos As You Go

Always, always, always take photos of a rental when it's empty and you're finished cleaning. Use that move-in checklist as a move-out checklist and take a picture of everything there. Photograph every room, every surface, and every appliance and fixture. Prove that if there is damage found later, it definitely wasn't you.

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9) Re-Scenting: Your Secret Weapon

Just about last of all is your secret weapon: re-scenting the home. Most people create a lifestyle smell in the house—and if you like to toke as much as we know you do, then there's probably a lingering weed smell that your LL will not appreciate. Fortunately, you have the secret weapon.

What is the one thing that makes you think a place is really clean when you walk through the door? It's the smell. A crisp, clean smell or the familiar scent of citrus cleaning products will make us see a space as pristine. That works on landlords, too. While they may sell houses with the smell of baking cookies, you pass your final inspection with the smell of gentle rain or crisp citrus. BluntPower makes it easy to wipe out the smell of bong hits gone by with air fresheners, incense, and odor-eliminating formulas.

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10) Ask to See The Report

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Finally, when your landlord lets you know how much deposit to expect (or you just get the check), ask to see the final walkthrough report and photos. This way, no undamaged damage can be charged to your account without your knowledge.

You want your security deposit back and we want to help you get it. As professional renters, we've lived in a lot of homes, had a lot of landlords, and know just what it takes to leave a good impression instead of a cloud of stale smoke behind you. We've done both. So take our word on it; apply this simple process and learn the art form of winning back your security deposit.


Then, when you're nicely settled in the new place, you can use your deposit to celebrate. Happy moving plans and good luck from BluntPower.

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