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11 Tips for a Clean Home on a Budget

Keeping your home clean isn’t easy, especially if you are juggling kids, work, and everything else. At the end of the day, housework can be a distant afterthought. Knowing a few things like how to get rid of smoke smell and easy tips for tidying up can go a long way to making your home livable for your family and presentable for your guests - even if they arrive when least expected!

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1.  Give everything its own place

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If everything has a place, it can’t get lost or cause clutter, as long as you put it where it belongs.  AND MAKE SURE THE KID'S TOYS ARE NOT ON THE FLOOR!


2.  Clean one room at a timeSoFresh_SoClean_600x600mm_2_720x

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a whole house project at once. Try and straighten one room per day - then clan the next one.  Focus on the high traffic areas - such as the living room and downstairs bathroom.


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EarthyScentLovers_600x600mm_3_720x 3.  Pick up as you go

Don’t wait until your house is in complete chaos to  decide to clean. Put things in their place and pick    up   as you go. A little air freshener for room use works   great too.


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4.  Eliminate clutter

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Throw out what you don’t need. Give it away, give it to charity, sell it, just get it out of your home!  A house with clutter just looks messy, even when it’s clean!

5.  Take out the trash

BG for BLUNTPOST (2)-Aug-17-2022-01-37-02-35-PMAnd not just your ex who won’t stop calling. (Remember, he’s an ex for a reason!) Seriously, though, take out your garbage every day.  It’s an easy thing to do and can make a big difference when guests show up.

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6.  Get the family involved

Make a chore list and give everyone a job. If everyone straightened their room and picked up ONE other room a day your house will look amazing.

7.  Use cleaning wipes

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Keep these handy for quick touch up in between cleaning. That and air freshener for home use will keep your home smelling - and looking - fresh and clean.

8.  Get a hamper

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Dirty clothes scattered on the floor make a room look cluttered and it is a hazard – plus that’s how you lose socks.

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9.  Use cleaning products in the same scent family

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Want to know how to get rid of cigarette smell? That’s a start. 

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10. Create a rewards system

Go ahead, you’ve earned it! But the others deserve a treat too. By giving your family a fun dinner when the house is clean you will be amazed at how hard they will work.  Maybe let lil Sparky even choose the dinner if his room is the cleanest.

11. Freshen up your home with Blunt Power air freshener

Spray a little on the curtains, and around the room to make your home smell great. It’s fast-acting and last for days - a little spritz before guests come over will make the whole house smell very clean and inviting.

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Bluntpower is an Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator that eliminates odors, leaving your home smelling fresh, clean.

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