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5 Hype "Smoker Friendly" Songs To Workout To

Need some extra motivation for a "lifted" gym session? These 5 Hip Hop Songs will get your mind right while you get your sexy on. 

How do you live the party lifestyle without suffering from Beer Belly?

The smokers curse is the dreaded bad body because all we want to do is chill.  What about you? Do you have a New Year's Resolution you are working on? Who says you can't get lifted and then go lift?

We're here to help and even the laziest of stoners can get hype with a good workout playlist.  Next time you plan a date with Mary Jane, try working out right after. When you do, shuffle these 5 hype tracks and get your sexy on. 

Monster - Meek Mill



If the line "The money turned my noodles into pasta" doesn't make you want to turn your noodle legs into some muscular pasta, we don't know what will. In classic Meek style, this track's vocals are nonstop and the beat is downright sexy.

 God - Drake


 Right out of the gate, Drake goes ham with a driving beat and angry vocals. Throughout the song, he talks about all the women and cars he gets his hands on and drops a bunch of great, punchy one-liners. He stops to sing for a bit, in normal Drake style, but he comes right back with a sick instrumental outro.

Random - G-Eazy


 The lyrics to this song will motivate anyone to do anything. Gerald professes that his success isn't random and talks about all the work he put in to get where he is today. It will make you want to become a famous rapper and/or work your ass off on the treadmill. 

Paradise - Big Sean


 The lyrics to the song are fire enough--only Big Sean can rhyme "paradise" with "pair of dice", and we love him for it--but it's really the saxophone in the background that gets us going. It's a steady little riff that seems to whisper, "Keep up!" 

Boomin - Fetty Wap


 If you were the kind of high school athlete that needed a coach to yell at you, this is your song. Although the pace is a bit slower than the other songs on the list, it still has a sick beat and a full three minutes of  Fetty Wap deliciousness.

These 5 songs will get you in the workout mood and help you get that bod you've always wanted.

When you're done with your sweat session, though, you're gonna need some pretty powerful air freshener to get you and your stuff smelling decent again.

Try some of BluntPower's fast-acting air fresheners to get yourself cleaned up. It's also great for disguising other scents that come with the party lifestyle, like marijuana smoke or moldy takeout.


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