Here at BluntPower, we've fielded tons of questions on why our air fresheners are so much more effective against cannabis and other powerful odors you might want to cover. From the stank of keefy leaf to the aromatic fragrance of your dog after a swim, BluntPower can kill or cover any odor with instant and profound effect. But why, you ask?

The secret is the fact that our air freshener sprays are oil-based, not water-based or alcohol-based like other common fragrances. Our oil-based air freshener and odor-eliminator sprays are built on essential oils, which smell delicious and have some nifty secondary benefits like enhancing focus or relaxing the mind. But essential-oil hype aside, what really matters is the oil itself. Oil-based air fresheners are lab-proven to be more powerful than water- or alcohol-based fragrances because of the unique scent-carrying and material qualities of oil.

Keep reading to discover 7 reasons why BluntPower's oil-based air fresheners are more powerful and effective than other options.

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1) Cannabis Resin is Oil-Soluble

Let's answer the most important question first: Why are oil air fresheners best vs cannabis smells? The reason is that cannabis resin, the sticky stuff that settles on everything and makes it stank, is oil-soluble. Cannabinoids are carried by oil inside the cannabis plant, so oil is the natural carrier for the stanky components that make cannabis delicious and relaxing.  This means that cannabinoids can also be broken down by oil.

When you blow a cloud of smoke, cannabis resin settles on everything around you. Spraying normal water or alcohol-based only covers the stank for a few minutes until the fragrance dissipates. However, BluntPower oil-based spray produces a fine mist of oil that also settles on everything in the room. When a droplet of oil connects with a droplet of cannabis resin, the resin breaks down and the smell is much more easily covered (and then cleaned away.)

In fact, professional cannabis brands use oils (like everyday cooking oil) to clean up resin during the production process. So why shouldn't we use the same technology to help you control the aftermath of a good sesh?


2) Oil is an Ideal Scent Carrier

In addition to the unique effect that oil air freshener has on cannabis resin, we also chose oil because it's a fantastic carrier for scent. There's a reason essential oils have become so popular as the go-to way to change the fragrance of a room or bath. Many fragrance ingredients are plant-based and, like cannabis, those fragrances are naturally carried by oil. In fact, many essential oils are oil-extracts directly from the plant, which is what makes them so potent as fragrances.

We use essential oils as a base for our air fresheners, providing that double-whammy of powerful fragrance conveyance and the ability to break down cannabis particles on-contact, completely defeating the smell of your last joint, bowl, or vape.


3) Oil Spray Clings to What it Lands On

Another great reason to use oil as your air-freshener base is because it's clingy. Ever sprayed a water- or alcohol-based air freshener on a window? You can watch the droplets run down the glass and puddle on the windowsill. This is not true with oil-based fresheners, especially with the high-quality pump that provides a spray of very fine droplets.

Oil, as you know, sticks where it lands. A tiny droplet of oil that lands on your skin will stay there until disturbed, and it absorbs fantastically into skin, hair, and fabric (which we'll talk about more a few paragraphs from now). When you spray a single spritz of BluntPower into the room, each droplet settles and then stays put, providing an even distribution of fragrance without falling to the floor or evaporating so quickly that the scent is fleeting.

This also makes it great for re-scenting your person (skin, hair, clothes) without looking like you just doused yourself in perfume.


4) Oil Scents Don't Evaporate

Evaporation is another issue. Water-based fragrances both wash away and evaporate very easily, and alcohol-based fragrances are actually designed to evaporate quickly, leaving a light residue of flimsy scent behind. When you want a powerful fragrance-change in the room and don't want to constantly re-spray to get that effect, always look for oil-based air fresheners.

Oil does not evaporate the same way water or alcohol does, meaning the freshener droplets and the scent they carry will linger in your room for days, sometimes even longer, between sprays.


5) The Fragrance of Oil Air Fresheners Fades More Slowly

At the same time, the fragrance carried by an oil-based air freshener is also more likely to last. Because BluntPower uses essential oils, we are starting with a potent natural mix of plant components extracted as oil or extracted with oil. These formulas are designed to convey fragrances rather than dilute them. Just as your essential oils maintain their potency after application, so too will BluntPower oil-based air fresheners, leaving you with a scent that lasts much longer than water- or oil-based alternatives.


6) Oil-Based Scents Remain on Fabric, Hair, and Skin for Hours

One of the best things about oil-based air fresheners is that it's versatile. A fine spray of oil isn't just great for re-scenting the air. It actually works best when it settles on soft, absorbent surfaces like upholstery, bedding, carpet, and even your skin and hair. Oil absorbs into porous surfaces and infuses them with the fragrance carried by that oil. So your furniture, your room, your floor can all be re-scented and will maintain that absorbed scent every time you spritz with BluntPower.

At the same time, you can also re-scent your person by spraying your hair and clothes. The oil will absorb into the fabric, into your skin, and disperse through your hair in a way that will linger with you all day. So if you want to turn our air freshener into your new favorite perfume or cologne, or you just need to not smell like a walking joint, a quick spritz is all it takes, and it can last for hours.

We recommend spraying a cloud into the air and walking through it to use BluntPower as a personal fragrance.

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7) Essential Oil Air Fresheners Can Be Sprayed or Diffused

Last but certainly not least, oil air freshener is versatile in more ways than one. Not only is it great for air, fabrics, and self, but you can also dispense it in different ways. Because BluntPower is made with essential oils, you can actually switch out our spray top for a dropper and use these scents in your oil diffuser as well. We've gotten many reviews from creative customers who realized this neat trick and we're passing it on to you. If you love our fragrances but prefer to diffuse, BluntPower's oil-based formulas are just as effective used in this manner.

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Here at BluntPower, we don't just like to stone and hang with our community of stoners, we like to do things right. That's why we applied our own innovative brand of stoner-engineering to design the best possible air-freshener to defeat cannabis smell and double as a great product for non-cannabis purposes as well. Oil-based air fresheners pack a powerful punch and can last for days, which is exactly what we and our nation-wide buddies are looking for.

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