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Marijuana has always had a few reliable uses. There are reasons why we fall back on the bud time and time again to relax and unwind. After our youthful teenage years, after those days of early-adult carefree struggle, marijuana remains a lifelong love. Why? Well one obvious reason is that it helps with muscle aches. Whether you worked your muscles into paste or are just feeling the weather, a little of the dank has a magical way of making the pain go away.

If you know how to do it, you can turn that temporary relief into long-term relief by treating your body right. Combine your bud with muscle easing home remedies, and you'll feel amazing tomorrow as if you never ached today. Of course, we're not just saying to toke and treat muscles at the same time. Enjoying your muscle treatment is all about knowing how to pair your weed with your remedy.

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1) Indica and Ice Packs

When you're dealing with swelling and tender muscles, ice packs are the best applied solution. But it's hard to hold still long enough for an ice pack to take effect. What if you need the ice pack on your back, or on your arm, or on a foot you use often? No problem with the right sticky icky.

Indica, the good body-high stuff, is the best to pair with ice packs. Get yourself so out-of-this-world that you could hold still through anything. Find a way to lie and prop your ice packs so that you and your muscles can chill for the prescribed 30 minutes at a time. 

2) Getting Stoned in a Hot Bath

There is nothing quite like a hot bath for muscle aches, especially if you've got some dank. Slip into that hot water and let the head rush start. Then take a big lungful of the good muscle-healing green. The hot water makes your high much more powerful temporarily and the weed makes your bath feel incredible.

Now for the special addition. Pour two cups of epsom salt into your bath and pick your favorite aromatherapy scent. The epsom salt is made of magnesium and increases your body's ability to absorb water. When your muscles inflate with water, it eases the ache and increases your rate of healing for any muscle damage that might have occurred. Make sure to take a big glass of water or lemonade or sports drink into the bath with you. Both the good weed and the magnesium will make you thirsty.

Blunt Power pairs perfectly with weed in the bath and the oil blends make a great aromatherapy perk during your stony soak.

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3) Hazy Oil Massage with a Partner

If you've never had or given an oil massage while stoned, you don't know what you're missing. The warm hazy feeling of a good high mixes perfectly with the relaxing body sensations of a good massage. Something simple like almond oil makes a great massage base and it's a muscle-easing exercise you can do with a partner. Take a big toke and get yourself into that golden zone, warm up the house, and get or give a massage with your partner. Both of you could use the relaxation and it's an unforgettable way to spend time together.

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4) High Protein Munchies after Workout

Smoking indica for muscle aches can definitely lead to the munchies. Don't fight it. Instead, make clever choices about what to snack on. Pick lean snacks that are high in protein and low in fats and carbs.

Rolled lunch meat, tuna, hummus, and salsa are all great go-to recovery snacks. If you can enjoy vegetables while stoned, pick a protein dip and nosh. Treat yourself to jerky, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, or sweet potato fries.


5) Bongs and Hot Water Bottles

What if what you really need is a hot water bottle? Like ice packs, water bottles are difficult to keep in place and hold still long enough to get the benefit. At the same time, an applied hot water bottle can be an incredible all-day solution to muscle pain and muscle aches. You can lay on a hot water bottle or have them set upon you. Over time, the heat from the hot water bottle will pervade through your muscles and relax the tissue. It can ease pain, relax cramps, and promote healing.

But how do you hold still long enough. You know we have the answer. It's indica! That good, sleepy, body-high dank is the best solution when you've got to hold still and do a little recovery. Let the weed warm you up and send you to a place where that water bottle feels like heaven.


6) Deep Dreamless Dank Sleep

One of the best things for muscle aches is a good night's sleep. When you sleep, your body relaxes completely and certain repair functions are set in motion. A deep, uninterrupted night of sleep ensures that the brain goes through several sequential REM cycles, which is essential for physical health and maintenance. 

While we don't all sleep easily, weed definitely makes it easier. If your dreams disturb you, marijuana has a way of keeping your sleep dreamless. If you stress before bed, weed is the nation's de-stressor of choice. Toke a blunt before bed and send yourself into a deep, dreamless slumber. Then wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed like you haven't slept in months.

If you pair a favorite scent with bedtime, your brain will also help you get to sleep when you smell it. Choose a relaxing Blunt Power fragrance and spray it on your pillow or in the air just before bed for better sleep.

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7) Stone and Stretch

Last but not least; stretching. Has there ever been anything that feels better when you're really stoned? Stretching to the sky, to the sides, and contorting to reassemble feels pretty great when your body is humming on a good high. Stretching is also great for muscle aches. Just like massage, it gives your muscles the ability to release lactic acid and to stretch and heal in a relaxed fashion. We should stretch every day. It feels better to stretch when you're stoned.


Weed is an important part of recovering from exercise, injuries, and age. Whether you're kicking back to ease the pain of working too hard or just kicking back, if you know how to combine your cannabis with home remedies you will recover in stony bliss.

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