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Cannabis and Weight Loss: For the Avid User

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Cannabis and weight loss: two terms not often found in the same sentence. However, losing weight with the help of marijuana might not be so far off. The following six tips will shed light on the process of using herb for weight loss. 

There are arguments on both sides of the debate because let's face it, the munchies can happen. Here are six steps you can take to make cannabis your partner in getting healthy and losing weight. 

Cannabis and Metabolism Basics

Studies are varied on the effects of marijuana on metabolism. The effects of weed and your metabolism are listed below:

  • Smoke more weed, and drink less alcohol (weed has no calories!).
  • Cannabis actually increases metabolism and some strains, particularly the Sativa variety, make you more prone to activity including exercise.
  • Lowered stress levels leave less room for stress-eating.
  • Definitely improves sleep, which leads to better thyroid functioning
  • Sometimes it can suppress your appetite even though the munchies will sometimes still haunt you.

We know that cannabidiol itself can promote weight loss because of its myriad of benefits provided to the body by this non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant. Hemp is an amazing healing plant that can help you achieve the physical results you desire with a healthy use and respect for the herb. 

Cannabis and Motivation

Cannabis can be a big motivator. While some strains make us calm and sleepy, alternatively, other strains make us want to be active, even to the point of exercise. Many people, in fact, report that they use cannabis to help them get motivated to workout. 

Here are some things you can do to increase your motivation to exercise:

  • Use the Sativa strains that will activate your body.
  • Set milestones to achieve results and track your progress.
  • Cannabis can make you happy and willing to get up and get off the couch.
  • Cannabis can be used many different ways and combined with CBD to achieve your goals.

Cannabis can motivate us to get out of bed and it can help us get through our workouts. Keep the sessions simple until you are confident in advancing. Try to split up your workout between arms, legs, core, and full-body exercise alternating between different days of the week.

Cannabis as a Rewards System

There are many factors that contribute to how you reward yourself for working out. You can also reward your stoner self with exercise as well because it feels good and is great for the body. Rewards systems are a dime a dozen and the secret is they may actually work.

  • Use cannabis as a motivator: for example, do 20 situps get one small joint,  or do 50 jumping jacks for a small blunt.
  • The cannabis rewards system never fails (i.e. if you get off your butt and exercise, you get to toke more).
  • Remember that before and after are great times to blaze one to gear up for your workout. Try not to stop in the middle of a workout to smoke, but feel free to use edibles, THC tinctures, and especially topical treatments, including THC oils for massage and relaxation
  • The way you consume can also affect your appetite in good and bad ways


How Cannabis Helps Activate the Mind, Body, and Soul

It is no secret that cannabis has an intrinsic connection to the mind, body, and soul. 

  • Mind - Cannabis activates the mind with psychoactive components called cannabinoids. These are naturally occurring in the brain, and cannabis consumption can help replace these cannabinoids in people who lack them, like people with stress or PTSD.
  • Body - Cannabis affects the body as well and can give us more energy when we are down. Sativa may, in particular, help us get our bodies moving to work out and actually lose weight. It can make us more active.
  • Soul - Cannabis is simply a subliminal and naturally spiritual plant. It calls our souls to deeper levels and enlightens the spirit.

Treat your mind, body, and soul with a sacred herbal plant that has many uses and a myriad of healing properties. Hemp is capable of making tens of thousands of different products, from biofuel and lodging, to rope and clothing. It is amazing and dates back thousands of years with the discovery of rope made of hemp used on ships.

How Cannabis Helps us Lose Weight

Cannabis has been known to cause the munchies and make us want to eat. Some even say that marijuana does bad things to us too. While we believe that the good far outweighs the bad, the munchies can be a killer if you are trying to lose weight. The trick is to burn more calories than you consume. This is not a secret, but it is, nevertheless, hard to achieve.  Cannabis:

  • Can increase mobility
  • Can improve motivation
  • May help curb appetite 
  • May increase desire to exercise, walk, and hike
  • Increases creativity and spirituality
  • Helps sleep, relieves stress, and reduces lethargy
  • Relieves pain temporarily, both physical and emotional

There are so many nay-sayers and stigma surrounding marijuana because it is still scheduled as a class I illegal substance by the federal government. If you ask the people who use it, however, you are likely to get the other side of the story. 

Techniques and Methods of Consumption

Weed is all about pacing yourself. Start out small, and then work your way up. If you have somewhere to go, it's important to take a few things into account. You will need to know the potency, how much you can handle, and what method of consumption your body likes best.

While you don't want to overdo it and get too high, there is practically no such thing. The worst effects of heavy chronic cannabis use are dulled memory and concentration, sleeping too much or not enough, and the damned munchies. If we can conquer the munchies, we have a better chance of success with weight loss.

On the other hand, you want to be able to feel the effects of THC and CBD, so it's important to consume enough to make a difference. Micro-dosing is also getting very popular for both cannabis and other psychedelic drugs. The bottom line is that cannabis has many rewards and benefits, and weight loss is likely one of them. 

Contact us for more tips and tricks to use weed to your advantage.

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