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Get the Blunt Stank Out

You just downed a phat ass blunt.  Eyes bleary, you stumble to the sofa with the Doritos. 

Then the phone rings.  Oh snap – moms on her way home!

“She’s gonna shit.  She’s gonna be so pissed”

So you do what any stoner would.  Change the TV channel.

Then it hits you – there has to be some fast acting air freshener you can use?  Let’s google it. 

Use bleach to remove smoky odors

Bleach? What the hell are you ‘sposed to do with bleach?  That shit is nasty.  I def ain’t using that to get rid of smoke smell.  Next.

Vinegar works great in smoke odor elimination

I love me some vinegar on some fries.  Maybe on some pork ribs, and definitely on some greens.  But for reals?  How the hell am I ‘sposed to use vinegar to remove smoke smell in my house?  What am I ‘sposed to do, wash the damn walls?  Oh hell no.

Use baking soda on carpets and furniture

So like if I had a couple of days and my crew fo sho I could get the baking soda out and vacuum my carpets.  But I have like 20 minutes, and it would be a damn miracle if I can even find the baking soda much less figure out how to spread it all over the house and then vaccum it up.  What a shitty damn idea. 

Isn’t there anything that is fast acting and can get rid of smoke smell?

Fast acting, long-lasting air fresheners

Then you hit the motherlode – Blunt Power Air Fresheners.  These air fresheners work fast because they were developed to mask the smell of smoke.  And because they come in over 300 scents, you can find that perfect mask to make your crib smell oh so sweet!

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