Did you know fragrances and music have a TON in common?

Just like your favorite jams growing up, fragrances are made up of different notes. One you understand how those notes work, you will be able to select the perfect fragrance everytime.

No matter if we are talking air fresheners, cleaning supplies or perfume.

If your a scent lover you should check out this entire post because you are about to become a scent specialist, that NEVER buys a fragrance you don't love again!

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What Are Air Freshener Notes & Accords?

First, let's break this whole musical thing down and where it comes from...

Air Fresheners are composed of complex chemicals or organic ingredients. True to your thinking, their authentic formulae are hard-guarded secrets. However, even if you peeked at their composition, you wouldn't understand a thing.

Instead, the sophisticated arrangement of a fragrance's unique aromas is broken down using vivid imagery and musical metaphors. Instead of describing the fragrance's abstract composition, aficionados opt to express the sensual feeling it evokes.

Musical terminology is typically used in deodorants as a metaphor for how a fragrance is achieved. Conversely, notes are each of the distinct, identifiable smells that make up an air freshener. When these 'contend' against each other to constitute an array of aromas, they are called accords.

To make it easier for users, enthusiasts have to draw aromatic interpretations from chemical compounds. In simple terms, notes are entirely subjective and shouldn't be taken literally. This explains why it is easy to hear fanatics debating on the absence or presence of notes in a deodorizer.

Notes are descriptors or indicators of individual smells of any air freshener. When they work together to give out something unique, they appear as accords similar to a musical composition.

Air Freshener Pyramid

An olfactory or air freshener pyramid is a concept used to paint a visual representation of an air freshener's life cycle. The diverse notes are classified by their volatility to draw a clear distinction between every phase.

Thankfully, understanding deodorizer notes is nowhere near as delicate as understanding music notes. Sighs!

These notes are arranged into three groups, from the most to the least volatile.

1. Top Notes

Also known as headnotes, they are the first notes you smell when trying an air freshener. They inexplicably shape your first impression of a given scent.

Chemically, they encompass the most volatile compounds, which evaporate quite fast. Top notes are short-lived but sharp and intense. So, the idea is a potent smell that doesn't last long.

Top notes are often fresh and fruity. They will burst into the atmosphere as you spray, fading 15-20 minutes after applying.

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2. Heart Notes

As the top notes fade away, the heart notes emerge. They are more like transitory notes that briefly linger as the base notes start to take shape.

These typically floral, full-bodied notes tend to be the most dominant of a particular air freshener. They have more longevity than the top notes but less so than the base notes.

They are also called middle notes and are thought to be the heart of any scent. Manufacturers cleverly design heart notes to hide base notes, which may take a while to bloom and can be unpleasant initially.

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3. Base Notes

Base notes are the foundation of an entire fragrance. They are what remains once the middle notes fade away.

They are long-lasting smells that usually create accords with heart notes. Since base notes provide an air freshener's longevity, they are what you remember most and intuitively create a mental picture. Alongside the heart notes, they form the main theme of a fragrant.

Most air fresheners have similar base notes because there's only a tiny amount that will last for hours in the atmosphere to be used as the base. These durable notes also help to revamp the staying power of the head and heart notes.

Base notes are usually musky, vibrant, and woody.

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Why is it that a deodorizer cannot be made with only one or two of these notes?

If you've been pondering on this question, here's the reason: to create an authentic air freshener that's aromatically pleasing, all three notes must be incorporated. This is the exact way fresheners have been made for decades. And if history is anything to follow, the combination of these three notes has bred beautiful yet potent air fresheners.



Fragrance Life Cycle

Have you noticed how an air freshener doesn't smell the same throughout the day? This is because you can't pick out all of a fragrance's notes at the same time.

The diverse compounds used to craft the notes have distinct levels of volatility, which are primarily referred to as coefficients.

This is caused by heat in the atmosphere and the way a fragrance evaporates off it. The constituents in a deodorizer evaporate at different speeds rather than all at a similar time. As this takes place, the fragrance reveals different notes to a room's atmosphere.

The first notes that you can smell are touted as the most versatile because they swiftly fade away. Once they disappear, something else sweeps through and replaces it.

The process occurs continually as the notes diffuse until you arrive at the last layer of notes that vicariously linger for hours. This is what experts call an air freshener's life cycle.

In simple language, a life-cycle is how a scent 'cycles' through each stage of its life. It is the succession of notes until the air freshener expires.

A Step Closer to Mastering Air Freshener Notes

From top notes, woody bases, and fragrance pyramids, there's a lot to think about- and ultimately a lot to get right- when seeking out an air freshener that is customized for you.

Many enthusiasts believe, however, that if you comprehend the basic principles of sprays, you'll be one step closer to purchasing a scent that you'll fall in love with- the first time.

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