Recent events have transitioned millions to working from home. From desk jobs to customer service, we're all setting up laptops and webcams to connect and clock working hours online. This has led to the virtual meeting trend, AKA video conferencing, video calls, UC; by any other name it's still meeting your colleagues through a video chat program. You and all your colleagues are alone in remote offices, sharing a chat-room of live video squares.

The only trick is remembering that even though you're alone in your office, you're still visible to the team. Working from home means the freedom to toke when it helps you motivate, create, or power-through a work session. But you absolutely cannot take that bong-rip or blunt-hit on camera in front of your coworkers, boss, or clients. You have no idea how much trouble that will create until that critical moment where you slip and it happens.  

Whether your team has a regular video meeting or an ongoing video chat for the team, we can help you stone in the home office without having your bong or your clouds detected on camera.

Keep reading to discover our favorite tricks...

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Keep Your Decorative Bong Out-of-Frame

Personalizing your home office is natural. We all hang posters and curtains. We all have a few favorite desk items and our items trend toward a favorite color. It's also totally normal to keep your bong at-hand when working in your own home. Your home is the safest and most legal place to smoke. It is where you have control of the environment are least likely to bother a coworker.

Of course you take bong hits when your work requires creativity or chill, or if you've got a really good focus Sativa. But do not place your bong in-frame.

No matter how beautiful your glassware, don't place it on a shelf in view of the camera (or anywhere near your frame). Don't place your bong casually to the side where it could be caught on camera during a meeting. Simply never let your obvious gear show.


Avoid the Wake-and-Bake

Wake-and-baking is one of life's most relaxing joys. On a weekend or vacation day, it's fantastic. If you're alone all day with creative work ahead, wake-and-baking can get you in the zone. But it is also a recipe for carelessness. If you need to be precise, professional, and aware of your bong-location, do not stone within an hour of waking up. 

Take a shower, have some coffee, and shake out your body before taking your first hit. This way, you can enhance an already sharp mind-state instead of extending the effects of being half-asleep.


Clear the Air Before Bed, Start Fresh Every Morning

Along similar lines, help yourself achieve a daily clear head with clear air. We know you're going to chill before bed, but don't leave your office full of stale smoke. Air out the room and spray some oil-based air freshener like Blunt Power to pull the cannabis particles out of the air.

At the same time, clean up the office. Clean and put away your glassware (or at least put it away). Tidy your desk and quickly square everything neatly at right-angles. This creates a great mental-environment for when you wake up to start work tomorrow. Your brain will enter a clean-smelling, clean-looking office. Even if you stone during the day, your whole day will be shaped by this precise and professional start.

Try these odor destroying fragrances to keep your office fresh

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Cool Water 

Keep Your Stash Well-Hidden at All Times

Find a hiding place for your stash, a good one. Ideally, give yourself a nearby surface where you can load a bowl or take a hit outside the camera's field-of-view. Make sure it's not obvious when you are accessing your stash while also choosing a place that is completely out of sight. Because weed is now legal, it's not a matter of fooling a toss-up. The goal is to ensure that your green is never visible to the camera, even if the camera moves around in the office.


Pack Your Gear in a Camouflage Kit

It also helps to keep your gear in a kit that isn't obvious. Don't choose the bright-green box or the case with a stylized marijuana leaf. Instead, we recommend an unremarkable bag or case. Solid colors and dark colors are a good choice. Prints that match many of your other possessions can also act as camouflage, as well as actual camouflage designs which are very common.

Smell-proof bags are the latest in stoner-stealth technology for keeping your gear both tidy and unobtrusive. They tend to come in lockable black soft-cases.


Keep Your Eyes Clear

You can keep your smoke off-camera. You can make sure your clothes and hair look right. You can catch your hits off-camera. But you can't hide your red stoner eyes. Marijuana causes dehydration and smoke irritates the eyes. These two facts combined cause the traditional red stoner-eye. If you want to look professional (and sober) on camera, then keep your eyes clear.

Keep air moving through your office and use a weed-strength air freshener to keep the air fresh in your workspace. Drink plenty of water and a humidifier to counteract the dehydration effect. In an emergency, use eye-drops, then give yourself a few minutes to tear-and-dab before attending your online meeting.


Walk Away from the Desk to Take a Hit

Make a rule for yourself that you will always, always, always take your hits away from the desk. Never keep a pipe or bong or blunt or joint within reach of the keyboard. Never allow yourself to light or even to vape in the same chair where you attend video meetings. This is important.

Give yourself a friendly, safe space to load bowls and take hits outside the camera range. Behind the camera, or in another room are ideal. By making this an absolute habit and rule, you'll never make the mistake of lighting during a virtual meeting.


Don't Confuse Social-Video Hours with Video-Meeting Hours

With the isolation of social-distancing, many of us are also spending our off-hours and social time in video call rooms to meet new people and hang out with friends. In this kind of online environment, toking on camera is often met with cheers and toasts. Of course, you still need to be professional when the next virtual meeting rolls around. 

If your behavior vis-a-vis smoke changes between shifts, never forget your shifts. Never accidentally mix personal and business when it comes to camera-frame protocol.  This will keep you from accidentally smoking or drinking when trying to make a good impression.


Change the Office Visually When it's Safe to Party

To help with that work-play separation, use visual queues. Move some furniture. Close a set of vivid curtains. Change the color of your smart-lights or turn off the lights to switch on some lamps. Help your brain know -absolutely- whether it's safe to stone in your home office or if the whole team might be watching. Not only should you build a nice background, but you can also use visual tricks to program your mind for playing it safe. 


Even if you love to smoke during work-day in your home office; your boss doesn't' need to know that. Use these tricks to help yourself avoid slip-ups that could cost you a job or at least win a stern talking-to. You can stone in peace and maintain your professional appearance.

Here at Blunt Power, we can also help you make your spaces, your clothes, and your hair better than other air fresheners. Keep your office and your mind sharp for work.

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