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How to Unlock The Full Strength of Bluntpower (so you never get caught stankin)


Every clever stoner knows that the stank is a dead giveaway. You've got to have some kind of plan to toke without carrying the smell like a red-flag on your person. It's better to pass your mom's cleanliness checks or to through a crowd relatively unnoticed. You don't need the knowing smiles or the disapproving glowers, who has the time? Blunt Power is a great one-stop solution for your stank control plan. Whether you need to re-odorize your room after a smoke-out or get yourself right before class, we've got you covered.

Anyone can use an air freshener spray or light an incense stick. But there are also a few ways to put your air freshener to way better use.

If you want more complete results and a longer-lasting cover scent, try these tips to optimize your air freshening strategy with Blunt Power scents.

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Pick Some Regular Favorites

Start by picking one to five favorite scents. Use them pretty regularly or with a predictable pattern. For example, you might have one scent for your closet, one for your gym stuff, one that you use when cleaning. Your family and crew will associate your air freshener smells with your normal everyday life. This means that when you spray a favorite, it will smell like your normal stuff instead of a sudden whiff of an unusual good smell.

Pick your favorites and start using them. Assign a rotation, give them a purpose, or just use whatever scent you feel like when you feel like. Just make them familiar. This way, a cover scent isn't suspicious, it's normal.

Bonus Tip: Choose your cover-up scent based on what is most familiar for your use pattern in the moment.

These Fragrances Blend In Well With Everyday Cleaning Smells, Perfumes & Colognes

Spritz the Curtains

Emery Linen Curtain | Pottery Barn

When you're trying to change the scent of a room, one of the best strategies is to spray the curtains. Blunt Power air freshener works great on fabrics, and curtains are the most aromatic fabric in the room. Think about it. They hang there at face-height, wafting in the breeze. Not only do curtains pick up a lot of smoke (so they give you away), they can also hold and spread your air freshener scent.

Bonus Tip: If you're going to stop smoking in a room and want it to change scents, wash your curtains or hang new curtains and scent them with something natural or citrus.

Spray a Cloud and Walk Through It

You've got to have a strategy for personally not smelling like weed after smoking out. That stank clings to your clothes and hair, but so can air freshener particles. Instead of spraying yourself in the face (we've all done it), there's a better strategy.

Spray a cloud of air freshener into the air, then close your eyes, breathe out, and walk through it. Now the fresh scent is distributed all over your clothes and hair, just like the smoke. 

Bonus Tip: Spray a second cloud and walk through backward.


Spray the Carpet, Including Under Furniture

Your carpet is another give-away for the weed smell. Smoke particles are heavier than air and eventually fall as they cool. And because smoke billows, it can get under your furniture, too. When you're re-scenting a room with a weed-powered air freshener, get the carpets. Throw-rugs, area-rugs, and whole-room carpeting are al game. Don't over-do it, but make sure to distribute your air freshener sprays over the whole area of the carpeting, including underneath furniture.

Bonus Tip: Wood floors with or without rugs? Do a quick mop or wet swiffer to pick up lingering particles and then spray the air.

We handpicked these just for you!

Burn Incense Behind a Fan

Fragrance Sets  (1200 × 400 mm)

When you need to completely cover a smell in a long-term way, incense is amazing. There is something magical about ember-burning smoke that clears away other scents from the air. It's exactly why Blunt Power includes incense in our air freshening inventory. A powerful incense stick can completely re-odorize an entire room. Especially if you know how to use it.

A small floor or table fan can make a huge difference for the effectiveness of incense. Here's the trick: Place the incense about a foot or two behind the fan, not in front of it. The fan will draw air, including the smoke from the incense, and distribute it through the room. This will circulate your incense, and also burn the stick more quickly than usual.

Bonus Tip: Close the door when you burn incense to trap the scent and settle the particles over the same area as your weed smoke for best effect. Or recreate the airflow of when you toke to mimic distribution.

Try our Top 3 Incense Fragrances

Freshen Bedding and Soft Anything

Signature Bed and Bedding Set - Buy The Marriott Bed, Signature Linens,  Towels, and More Guest Favorites from Shop Marriott

Fabric holds fragrance, as we've talked about with the curtains and carpet. This also applies to anything else soft that might be in the room. Toke in your bedroom? Spritz the bedding, including inside the bedding for those (all) of us who don't make the bed before wake&baking.

If you have a couch, spritz the cushions. If you have throw blankets, catch them too. If there's an open closet or shelf of clothing, plush toys, or folded towels in the room where you toke, spritz them. They'll hold and redistribute the new fragrance if you scent them, and they'll give you away if you don't.

Bonus Tip: Spray from several inches away to lightly dust soft items with a cloud of air freshener.


Inside Your Bag

 The single most painful rookie mistake to see is the weed-wafting backpack or purse. When you open your bag and the dank smell of your last great buds rolls out, everyone knows. No matter how right you, your hair, and your clothes may be; no matter how clean and perfect-smelling your home is, that bag will give you away every time.

Fortunately, this goof is easy to avoid if you know it's coming. When it's time to get right, give half a spritz for inside your bag. 

Spray your favorite smelling BluntPower air freshener!

Bonus Tip: Contain your stash in a smell-proof or otherwise odor shielded container so the smell doesn't come back instantly when you pack up.


Here at Blunt Power, our whole game is designed around helping you keep the dank on the low. Whether you're headed to stone with friends or just want to chill, the best strategy is to keep those tell-tale signs under control. We've got the dank stank problem covered, and with these strategies, you can get the most from every spray.

Get yourself right after a J, stage an expert smoke-out cover-up, or just keep out the drama with a few strategic applications of weed-powered air freshener in your favorite scents.

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