Every household has a unique balance of people and space. Some homes are solo, some are stacked with multiple people in each bedroom.

Roommates, kids, or extended family; usually peace is achieved by everyone taking turns leaving the house. Between work and school alone, the house is almost never fully packed, and is frequently aired-out from all the comings-and-goings.

Until the pandemic. Since the lock-down, households are suddenly spending weeks and months together, rarely leaving the house. Not only is this a little crowded, it can also get a little stuffy. As air-freshener pros (and also at home with family/roommates/pets), we've put some thought into the matter.

Here's what we worked out on keeping the house fresh when everyone is at home. All that chilling, smoking, cooking, and whatnot needs just a little control to keep your air quality excellent.

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Open the Vents in Every Room

Start by making sure all the vents in all your rooms are open. These vents lead to your HVAC ducts and ensure that your AC can get in this summer (and heat in the winter). Vents get closed for all sorts of reasons. To keep the baby warm, to close off unused rooms, to stop an arctic blast; and we forget to re-open these vents later.

Do a quick check of every room in your house. Find the one (or two) vents in each room and make sure they are pulled open. If there are arctic blast zones, you can rebuild air circulation in that room later.

Designate Indoor & Outdoor Smoking Areas

There are very few families where every single person stones or smokes the same. No two stoners have to bake the same way with smoking vaping, dabs, edibles, tinctures, and the many ways to roll and types of glassware. Then there are the members of your family that don't bake and the now-rare few that smoke cigarettes.

Give everyone their space. Create a stoner's getaway either outdoors or in a well-ventilated room with comfy seating. If you stone in the bathroom, prepare your bathroom so it's easier to ventilate and to clean. Place fans in these areas directing your smoke toward outward vents or open windows to keep the air clear.

Choose 1-3 Scents to Improve the House

Strong smells happen in a household. Cooking, bathing, hobbies, and smoking all create strong fragrances. Often, it's better to provide a masking smell that evens out the home air-quality. Sharp, natural smells like lemon and peppermint are great for fast-acting air freshener. Gentle smells like baby powder and rain are wonderful for gently improving the aroma of the entire home environment.

We advise choosing about three fragrances for your home. Choose one or two underlying scents that will designate fragrance-areas in a house. Let each person choose the fragrance for their rooms and choose a shared favorite for areas like bathrooms and living rooms. Then choose a fast-acting scent that is great for quickly defeating something like weed smoke or spoiled food for quick odor control.

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Work Together with Family

It also helps to have your family and/or roommates on your side. Work together on methods to keep the air-quality (and general cleanliness) up to everyone's comfort level. Choose your air freshener scents together, for example. Most groups of people can agree on a few of the most popular scents, and maybe a few rare shared favorites as well.

Talk about quickly cleaning up messes and how to point fans in order to keep air circulating through the house. Agree to work together to contain any large accidental problems (ex: refrigerator explosion). This kind of camaraderie is far more productive than ignoring the air quality together, as is custom.

Clean and Repair Bathroom Fans

The bathroom fan is something we all quietly rely on. It clears steam from a shower, smoke from a bong, and keeps the air fresh in an otherwise small personal space. We're asking a lot from those bathroom fans, especially when sharing a bathroom with others at home. We need them to work reliably, with strong out-going airflow. But bathroom fans go un-inspected for years, and yours might not be the most efficient.

Inspect your bathroom fan. Clean out the dust and hair and aerated soap scum. Replace the fans, if necessary, so that each bathroom has a strong and effective exhaust.

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Designate & Design 'Clean Air' Rooms

Some members of the family or household will want a space where there is never smoke or smog or steam. Clean-air rooms are essential for the comfort of the household. This includes those who sometimes smoke and sometimes need a clean-air space. For these rooms, prioritize airflow in keeping air fresh inside. Use air freshener regularly to create a gentle, pleasant scent. use fans and vents to keep the air from other rooms from circulating inward. Make sure the vent is open to the HVAC.

Personal rooms, children's playrooms, and family living areas are your most common clean-air rooms for 

Circulate New Fresh Air

One of the major things that has changed since the pandemic is how often we leave the house. Without travel and stay-at-home restrictions, we'd be in and out of the house all day. The door opens dozens of times for a busy family, letting in plenty of fresh air to circulate in the home. But when everyone has made plans to stay home, that door opens far less frequently. It's surprisingly how quickly a home can get stuffy when the doors and windows never open.

Be sure to allow some new fresh air into your home each day. If you have no reason to leave out the front door, open the backdoor for a little outdoor fun. Lounge in the sun, garden, or set up a water fight in the sprinklers. Just give yourself a reason to let a little fresh air in.

Spin Your Ceiling Fans the Right Way

Finally, double-check your ceiling fans. Did you know that the direction of your ceiling fan determines how efficient it is in each season? In the summer when you want cold air to pour down onto you, the ceiling fan should spin counter-clockwise. This pushes cold air down in a column and creates that essential, cooling breeze. 

In the winter, turn your ceiling fans to spin clockwise at the lowest possible speed. When there is a big difference between warm and cold air, the warm air rises near the ceiling. By pulling cold air up, you displace the collected warm air and push it down into the family's comfort zone. 


BluntPower air fresheners are oil-based and designed to infuse your room with powerful, room-filling scents.  Let us help you keep the whole house fresh this stay-at-home season. Let everyone pick their favorite scents or agree on a shared favorite for the whole house.

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