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How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Vape Pen or Box


There's nothing like vaping a delicious vaped bowl or tank of cannabis concentrates. Unfortunately, the more enthusiastically you vape, the faster your battery dies. Both in the short and long term. When you vape hard during the day, you're going to have a dead battery before you get home or back to your desk to charge up. And if you're constantly draining the same battery from top to bottom every day, you'll be buying a new vape before the year is out. 

So how do the pros manage to cloud-chase nonstop without constantly changing out their batteries. Here's the secret: We do constantly change out our batteries. But we don't have to buy new batteries as often. There's a special rhythm for vape battery care that can prevent dead battery woes during the day and increase the total lifespan of your vape batteries.

Here at BluntPower, we understand how important high-quality clouds are to your daily happiness. That's why we offer weed-strength air freshener so you can stone anywhere, anyhow, and leave no pungent evidence behind.

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Always Carry a Spare Battery

The first trick is to always have a backup battery. An experienced vape-stoner knows that running out of batteries is a fact of life. The only way to avoid getting stranded without clouds is to have a backup power source ready to go. No outlet required.

If you have a pen that is an all-in-one battery, then buy two and carry the second battery charged up in your pocket. This way, you can switch out the battery portion of your vape pen when the first one runs out without having to stop and recharge.

If you have a mod or pen with Li-Ion batteries, it's helpful to keep a pocket-full of charged backups when you leave the house.  Charge a rack of batteries overnight. In the morning, load up your pen and then pack one or two change-outs of batteries so you can keep vaping during the day free of worries about returning to your recharging station.

Stop Draining Your Batteries to Death

BG for BLUNTPOST (6)-2There are a lot of old misconceptions about batteries based on Nickel-based batteries of previous device eras. Nickel-based batteries work best when you let them drain completely, then let them charge completely. Li-Ion batteries, on the other hand, do better when you keep them inside the middle 80%. Never let the batteries drain out completely, and try to avoid topping up over 99%.

For all you eager or absent-minded stoners, this means you need to stop draining your batteries to death. If you puff until the device gives up, that's emptying the Li-Ion batteries too much and they will die faster. Learn when to change out your batteries to get double the duration without damaging either set.


Switch Off Your Pen Between Uses

Trickle is a common concept with electricity. A trickle-charge, for example, provides a small top-up amount of electricity when your batteries are fully charged. But a trickle-drain slowly empties your batteries over time. Batteries naturally run down when not in use, but simply having your vape pen switched on and intact can drain the batteries as well.

If your pen has an on-off switch (most of them do), simply switch that to the "off" position when you're not currently cloud-chasing. When you're at work, spending time with family, or just stuck indoors, flip off that pen. This will cut off the power connection and help your batteries to stay charged.

You may also be able to reduce battery drain by disconnecting your coils and atomizer. This removes the part of the vape pen that takes power from the battery so that no passive electricity is transferred.


Keep Your Batteries Clean

Battery connection and quality depend on the contact made between the leads and the battery tips. If the ends of your batteries get dirty with dust or concentrate film, the batteries won't connect as well and they may drain less efficiently. This can cause your batteries to lose effectiveness during one day's use and even potentially damage the batteries over time.

Fortunately, the solution is easy. Just keep your batteries clean. Each time you remove them from the pen or your bag to charge, wipe down each battery with a cloth and a touch of surface cleaner.

Alternating Charge Strategy

Alternate between two to four different batteries evenly. If you have two pairs of shoes that you wear on alternate days, both will last twice as long. The same principle applies to your pen batteries. If you have two pen batteries and alternate them, they will together last twice as long.

If you're leaving the house and can't charge away from home, then charge up both (or all) your batteries before leaving and pack spares to switch out during the day.

If you're settled in at home or (if you're lucky) vaping at work near a battery charger, then you have more flexibility. Instead, alternate which batter is chasing clouds and which battery is charging and alternate between them evenly.


Charge Anytime

Those old methods for dealing with nickel batteries also suggest that batteries don't like to be charged in stops-and-starts. That was true once, but is no longer relevant with modern Li-Ion batteries. Now, it's totally safe to charge your vape pen (and your phone) anytime an outlet is available to you. Charge for three minutes while you wait for coffee, or charge for two hours at your desk between meetings. Charge for a few minutes while you're home between errands. Li-Ion batteries charge in sprints efficiently and without damage, and it helps to prevent your pen battery from running down.


Use Each Battery Every Day

Most chemical batteries don't like to sit unused. Running a charge through the battery keeps the battery active and healthy instead of slowly deteriorating. This leads to one of the best facts in vaping: The best way to extend the life of your vape pen batteries is to vape every day. Just a little use for each of your batteries every day will help keep them alive and interchanging.

It's also important to remember that your backup batteries need love to. On a day you don't hardcore vape, you might not use your backup batteries. You might not need them for weeks. But give them a regular workout anyway so they're ready when you need them. Be sure to jolt your batteries and backups daily even if you're not vaping 24/7.

Store Batteries Fully Charged

As a battery is left unused, it slowly uses its charge. But you don't want them to run down in storage.While it's best to keep your batteries alive and kicking every day, that's not always a practical option. If you will need to store your vape pen batteries for a few weeks or months and know you won't charge or use them during that time, store them fully charged.

Because batteries run down, a fully charged battery will last the longest in storage and be in the best shape when recovered. Even if some charge is lost while the battery is in storage, it is far less likely to take damage from running completely empty. When batteries aren't stored that long, you can even dig out a backup when you really need to vape and all your active batteries are dead.


Temperature Control

Batteries are basically tiny chemical-electrical devices. As a result, they work best in the same environmental conditions that computers do. Batteries do best in an environment that is cool, and dry, and where the temperatures will never become extreme.

Leave a battery in a hot car or on a frozen porch and they never work right again. It's a good idea to treat your batteries with a little care and temperature control. Be particularly careful not to cook or freeze your batteries, as this can permanently damage their ability to provide power and to recharge. Keep your batteries with your pen and treat them with the same respect. With this simple protocol rule, your batteries should always be at a safe temperature.

Stop Overcharging Those Batteries

Finally, quit overcharging. Okay, actually, overcharging stopped being a thing a few years ago. Mostly. But there is something -like- overcharging that is still bad for your phone battery. It's called trickle-charging. While sometimes a life-saver with a low-flow USB cable and a nearly dead device, trickle-charging becomes toxic when your devices is already at 100%.

What this means is that when a tiny amount of energy in the battery is down, a tiny amount more power is sent. This keeps the battery in a 'stress' situation that wears out the chemical reaction and can reduce the quality of the battery. Use overcharge prevention apps and/or try to remember to unplug your pen when it is full.


Want to stop running out of batteries while you're chasing clouds? Taking good care of your pen batteries is an essential part of becoming a pro vape-stoner. Your batteries are the vape pen, in a lot of ways.


Here at BluntPower, we understand how important high-quality clouds are to your daily happiness. That's why we offer weed-strength air freshener so you can stone anywhere, anyhow, and leave no pungent evidence behind.

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