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How to Roll a Blunt

‘Aight bitches.  We’re just a little over a month away from the Stoner’s Holiday, better known as 420 - April four two zero.  In honor of this upcoming Stone-A-Bration the editors here at the BluntPower Gazette want to share our own concoction for that killer blunt you’ve been dreaming of.

Giddy up mo fo.  Here we go!

Step One: Call the man

Get some frikkin’ Chronic.  Oh yea, you can roll a blunt with some shitty-ass swag, but if you’re serious about your business make sure the weed is Indica Grade A++.  

Step two: Swing by the convenience store

Get a cigarillo, cigar, or a blunt wrap.  My preference is for the King Pin Hemp Blunt Wraps.  Not only are they easy to roll with, but they come in sweet flavors.  Some of the cigar wrappers actually taste harsh as hell.

Step three: Buy a grinder

Get a grinder.  Seriously - if you don’t have a grinder you’re probably smoking brick weed  so just stop reading right now.  But for real - grind your weed up. It’s so damn easy. I like slightly fatter blunts so I will usually put two grams in each.  But one gram is probably enough. (After all, if all your blunts have two grams in them, you will burn through some weed…). But it’s super critical you use a grinder so the weed will burn more evenly. 

Step four: Toss the Tobacco

Prepare the wrapper.  If you’re using a cigar or cigarillo, just slice it down one side and throw the tobacco away.  Some cats will save it for a spliff, but I think that’s nasty as hell. Just toss it out.

Step five: Wet that blunt

This stage is the most important.  Make sure the blunt wrapper - or cigar wrapper  - is slightly moistened on one side. You don’t want your blunt falling apart like some kind of weekender.  Roll that thing like you’ve done it before. Make sure one side of the wrapper is moist enough to stick to the other one.

Step six: Fill ‘er up

Put that sweet cannabis into your moistened wrapper.  You should be able to easily fill it with one-two grams.  If you don’t have enough, add more. But be sure to roll it straight.  Most blunt wrappers aren’t big enough to roll a cone.

Step seven:  Roll it

Holding the wrapper in both hands, gently roll it clockwise, then gently tuck the end under.  I like to then start in the middle and push it out from each side, but you really can’t screw this up.  The good thing about using a cigar wrapper is they WANT to go back together, so it’s easy to re-assemble. 

Step eight: Bake it

The final step before the satisfaction stage is baking the blunt so it won’t fall apart. This is crucial because if you don’t, it really could fall apart. And no one wants to see half a blunt on the ground. Take a lighter and run it up and down on the wrapper until it is sealed up nice and tight.

Step nine:  Spark it up

Now that you’ve rolled the perfect blunt give yourself a damn pat on the back!  Rome wasn’t built in a day but dammit you are now a true blunt connoisseur. 

Step ten: Be careful

So many states are coming to their senses about weed legalization, but you can still get in a crapload of trouble.  I always carry a bottle of BluntPower Fast-acting air freshener just in case I need a little help throughout my day.  My favorite is Black Rain. But whatever your preference, just be careful.

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