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4 Unbreakable Rules every "stoner" entrepreneur should follow to keep their business and blunt lives separate

Running a home business is totally awesome. You get to be your own boss, work from home, and count yourself among the proud ranks of self-employed entrepreneurs. Whether you're developing websites freelance, selling your homemade Squid-Knit hats on Etsy, or running an in-home consultation business there is nothing better than kickin' it at home while also being at work.

The Proud Stoned Entrepreneur

It should come as no surprise that a great many home entrepreneurs are also major dedicated stoners living in one of the great legal states of bud smoking, vaping paradise. The entrepreneurial spirit just tells you, deep down, that after a hard day of work you deserve that blunt, bowl, or bong. Alone or with friends, after-hours or on your "lunch break", plenty of home business owners are stoned-entrepreneurs.

Some people like a nice big blunt at the end of the day to unwind from many long hours working harder for yourself than you ever would for someone else. Others who profit from creative pursuits may find that a deliciously activating Sativa is the perfect inspiration for your best designs and most focused work during your actual work hours. After all. Entrepreneurialism is all about doing what works best for you, the rest of the conventional business world be damned.

But there's just one problem: You absolutely cannot let your blunt smoke mix with your work product or any area of your home where you meet with customers and clients.


The Stoned Entrepreneurial Challenge: The Work-Blunt Separation Rule

The thing is that you may be the biggest proponent of productive pot smoke in the world, but your customers may not be. And, in fact, you have no way of knowing if even the whiff of marijuana will cause an otherwise delighted customer to collapse onto paroxysms of panic, rage, or even a very real allergic reaction.

If you make something in your home and sell them, that something cannot and absolutely should not smell even a little bit like the joint you just enjoyed with lunch. Trust us, your clients will know. Many of them are in states where weed is totally illegal or only allowed for severe conditions like epilepsy and cancer. Even the slightest whiff can cause some people to totally freak out.

And if you bring people into your home? This is even riskier because many folks still think that being friends with Mary Jane means you are an inveterate deadbeat no-good secret-hippy no matter how effective or profitable your business may be. It is vital to keep the customer-facing zones of your home completely pot-smell-free. Fortunately, we've got you covered.

There are totally ways to enjoy your canna-bliss at home and run your home business without the two crossing paths. It just requires care, cleanliness, and some serious odor-control tactics.

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Never Stone in the Work Zone

First and foremost, never make the mistake of lighting up or even vaping in the area where you do your home-businessing. If you have a special area where you craft your squid-hats (or whatever it is you make), that room is sacrosanct. No weed will ever pass into that room, not even in a plate of pot-brownies, because some people are super sensitive and can smell that shit in trace amounts. So why risk it?

It's a true fact that some Etsy and eBay stuff definitely comes out of the box smelling like stoner-house. Which is hilarious if you're a stoner or still-cool ex stoner. But not so hilarious for uptight moms buying adorable stuff for their kids. Or fellow business-persons who have never touched the stuff and never will. Don't be that hippy. Keep your weed and your product totally separate, for the mental-peace of your customers if nothing else.

And we don't have to tell you not to smoke out in your client meeting space if you meet clients at home. Unless they're cool. And in that case, take your meeting to the back patio to share a blunt while you talk business.

Create an Aroma-Barrier Between Your Zones

The next step is to make sure that your stone-zone and your work-zone never cross paths accidentally. Marijuana, especially the good stuff, has a way of wafting back through the house. Which may be awesome for you, but not so great for non-stoner clients.

How do you keep your smoke, vape, or canna-cooking fumes from entering your separate home-business zones of the house? Airflow is one way, and a good start. But your best bet is to create an aroma barrier when you're working up a serious MJ stank.

Blunt Power air freshener was designed for exactly this purpose. If you're stoning in the kitchen, spray one of our 300+ pot-neutralizing flavors in the doorway between the kitchen and your living room or home office before you get started. The aroma in the doorway can actually stop your pot-smell from getting into the rest of the house. If you stone outdoors, spray a mist in the doorway as you head outside, then close the door behind you. Not only will it create a barrier, it will keep your canna-smell from coming indoors with you when you walk back inside.

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Neutralize the Canna-Smell Post Haste

Once you're done with a major smoke sesh, neutralize that stank. Another few sprays of Blunt Power air freshener or a lit Blunt Power incense stick will diffuse the weed smell in your favorite stoning zone so that it doesn't linger to become a long-term cross-contamination risk. Whether you stone indoors or outdoors, a few spritzes can make a huge difference in whether pot-smell hangs around or is pleasantly replaced in a way your customers will never detect. Even if they step out onto your back patio completely unawares that it is your favorite smoking spot.

Don't forget to neutralize the canna-smell on you as well. Pot smoke has a way of hanging around on your hair and clothes. A great way to quickly get back to work after a joint without taking a shower is to step through a cloud of neutralizing air freshener. Spray a few spritzes of Blunt Power into the air and then step through it. Then step backward through it again. Now you smell like your favorite scent instead of whatever badass strain you just lit.

Then finish the job by washing your hands pretty thoroughly before returning to work. Don't want to accidentally transfer resin onto your squid-hats.


Ventilate From Work-Zone to Stone-Zone

Finally, remember to ventilate in the right direction. When the time comes to air out your house, set the box fans in the work zone, pointing out the house through the stone-zone. This way, any lingering stone-zone smells are blown out the windows or back door without passing through the work-zone of your house on the way through. In fact, airflow in this direction is a good idea at any time to reduce the possibility of drift-back.

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