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How to Get Your Non-Smoke High While Vaping is in the "Penalty Box"

As a BPA reader, customer, and general weed fan, we know you're right here with us on this opening statement. We like it in a joint, a blunt, a bowl, or a bong. And with all the new cool ways to mix it up post-legalization, we like it every other way we can get it as well. We like the edibles, the topicals, the tinctures, and the vape. 

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We have truly enjoyed some flavored canna vape. THC vaping has been one of the primary ways for canna lovers to enjoy a good high without coughing your eyeballs out, or while giving your lungs a rest after your weekend bong-actions. But there's also been some pretty heavy stuff in the news lately about danger vape. Stuff that seems a little more serious than the usual 'omg fun is bad' objection that certain crowds always have.

So if you're wondering whether it's still safe to canna-vape or if you need some non-smoke MJ alternatives, don't worry. We're about to lay it all out from what's going on to how you can stone responsibly while the whole danger-vape situation shakes out.


What's Up With the Whole Danger-Vape Thing?

Okay, so in the last couple months, there have been people getting really sick, some have even died. They contracted the illness recently after vaping flavored e-liquid laced with THC. The disease has been called "vaping lung" and has been getting a huge amount of press ranging from practical medical reports on numbers and facts to the expected super-scare-tactic responses from the already anti-vaping crowd.

But what you may not have heard is that all or almost all of the victims of this condition were A) Using flavored cartridges and B) got those cartridges illicitly off the streets. Not from licensed dispensaries and vape shops. They're buying it from shady guys who hang out behind coffee shops or friends-of-friends, often in states where cannabis is still illegal, but not always. In other words, they're buying it unlicensed from unknown vendors, and something in the product is making people really sick.

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Where The Danger-Vape is Probably Coming From

So what this is coming down to is the kind of contaminated drug scare usually limited to illegal drugs like cocaine laced with arsenic and shit like that. Only this time, it hit the trendy Juul-puffing teen-and-college crowd so it made the big-time. They haven't tracked down all the sources, but safehouses full of thousands of doctored and "cut" cartridges have already been busted. It's suspected that the illness is coming from the cheap Vitamin E oil they're using to cut the THC oil.


How to Stay Safe from the Flavored THC Vape Scare

If you're buying your THC vape from a licensed dispensary, breaking the seal and loading it into your vape device that was also bought legitimately from a real brand, then you're most likely totally safe. Oh, and if you're loading up from a squeeze-bottle that you bought from a licensed dispensary, then you're almost definitely safe, because all the cases have been related to cartridges, not self-fill e-liquid.

Also, if you're vaping nicotine or flavor-only e-liquid, you're probably safe as all known cases have been related to THC e-liquid cartridges only.

That said, there's also been some serious advisories put out to put all vape products temporarily in the "penalty box" until they're 100% sure that's causing this epidemic-like outbreak of illnesses. So if you feel like leaning that direction just to be on the safe side, we've still got you covered.


Vape Alternatives if Your Vape is in the "Penalty Box" Just in Case

The biggest challenge of playing it safe is that vape is, for many of us, the go-to alternative when you've bong-ripped your throat raw or coughed an amazing hit that left your lungs a little sore. The good news is that there are still some amazing ways to get stoned that completely skirt the danger-vape issue entirely.

You Can Still Vaporize Leafy Greens

The first and best alternative is to realize that only e-liquid vape is off the table. If you have an herb vaporizer, or pick one up real-fast, then you can still give your lungs a break while enjoying those deliciously pungent favorite strain you'd been toking your lungs out with. In fact, switching to vaping leaf can be incredible because the high is intense without ripping your lungs a new one.

Of course, vaping your keefy greens isn't as scent-subtle as flavored THC e-liquid. So if you've been vaping liquid to hide your stone from your mom or roommates, you'll need a backup plan when switching to vaping the herb. Fortunately, you've got a handy bottle of BluntPower air freshener to cover the smell of your enormous leafy vape clouds. You know, just in case that nosy roommate comes home early while you're still getting your stone on.

We handpicked these just for you!

Mix Up Some Edible Snacks

Instead of picking up your THC liquid in vape form, this time swing by your local dispensary for a little cooking THC oil instead. Cannabis oil suspended in something nice like olive oil or coconut oil mixes wonderfully into all sorts of food, from brownies to spaghetti sauce. You can get your weekend munchies on double-time and share with friends just as easily as your little vape-rig that's in temporary time-out.

Or you can pick up some premade THC snacks from the dispensary like sour gummy worms (the THC is in the gelatin) or even an awesome box of Mary Jane's favorite kind of chocolates.

Vape Wax or Shatter

Have you noticed how concentrates have not been mentioned? If you typically enjoy your marijuana in butter, shatter, or wax form these days, there's actually no need to put your vape pen on the shelf. After all, the hype is about e-liquid, not semi-solids. So if you love to get that incredible concentration high going on a Saturday night while giving your lungs and throat a break from the joints and blunts, go right ahead!

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THC Topicals

Finally, you might use this as a rare inspiring moment to try the weird stuff you've never tried before. For example, if you use marijuana for exercise-related muscle aches, joint pain, or the pure body high then you might try some THC topicals like body butter. Moisturize right this weekend and see what the topical hype is about.

Try a Tincture

Or you can try that wacky 'sublingual' method where you put a few drops of THC tincture under your tongue and let your mucous membranes absorb it straight into your blood stream. This whole vape-liquid scare might be a bummer on the news, but technically, it's a fun opportunity to get your non-smoke high on in a bunch of crazy new ways based on all the other stuff that is available and isn't the center of a big news panic.

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BluntPower is here to keep you up on all the latest cannabis news, plus the really cool ideas we think of while getting stoned on the weekends. And if your mom comes in sniffing suspiciously, just spray a little BluntPower air freshener around and she'll never realize that smell is your new cannabis-delish body butter making you feel all warm and tingly in a whole new way.


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