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Preparing for a Big Date When You're Not Sure They Blaze

You have just met someone who is too fine for words. Maybe you know they're incredible right away, or maybe you're dying to find out if there's a brilliant mind behind that beautiful face and kickin' body. And the truly incredible thing is that you have a date coming up. In the days or hours leading up to your big date, you're floating on a cloud. You can't wait to spend some real quality one-on-one time together.

Ways to keep the spark on date night with your partner | wfmynews2.com 

But there's just one catch: You have no idea if your new flame likes to blaze. Whether you like to party on the weekend or unwind after work with a tasty little joint, revealing your affection for mary jane can either be a major bonding point with your date or permanently wreck their opinion of you. At the very least, you need your new flame to know that you're a vibrant, responsible blazer and not some couch-locked stoner who will be a drag to date.


Don't worry, we've got your back. Today, we're here to bring you the ultimate set of tips to prepare for a big date when you're not sure how they'll react to the revelation that you enjoy the sticky icky.


The Date-Prep Checklist

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Let's start with the checklist. Don't worry about writing it out, we've done that for you. The gist of our little strategy is to present yourself in the best light possible (duh) and carefully approach the subject of stoning throughout the date. 

  • Clean Your Car
  • Spruce Up the House
  • Get Yourself Right
  • Broach the Subject Indirectly
  • Make a Subtle Stoner Joke
  • Decide About the Big Reveal
  • Worst Case Scenario Plan
  • Best Case Scenario Plan
  • The Goodnight Kiss


Clean Your Car

If you're driving to a mutual date or picking up your date, all prep starts with the car. Especially if you like to get stoned there. A car that smells like joints and fast food wrappers isn't going to set any hearts aflame. Depending on how clean your car is already, it may be time to grab a trash bag and your vacuum with the hose attachment and go to town on the car interior.

Pull out every scrap of trash. Vacuum everything soft and Windex everything plastic or glass. Use a few spritzes of a gentle Blunt Power air freshener spray. Ladies go for something soft and sweet like Vanilla or Lavender, while gentlemen should pick something a little spicy like Cinnamon or Black Rain. This will make your car smell absolutely delectable to the beautiful person who may soon be sitting in your passenger seat.

Then, of course, pull your car through a car wash for the ultimate polished cool when you roll up to their door.

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Spruce Up the House

10 Ideas for Date Night at Home - Mom365

You never know when a date will wind up back at your place. And the last thing you want is for your new date to walk in and immediately wrinkle their adorable nose at the smell of stale pot smoke and unwashed laundry. So it's time for a blitz-clean. Just in case the first half of your date goes fantastically.

Again, start with the tidy-up. Laundry in the hamper, clutter into cabinets out of sight. Run the vacuum cleaner over everything soft and a mop or sponge over everything smooth. Set anything still out at right-angles or into artistic arrangements, based on the impression you'd like to give. If you have some art that's not hung up, grab some nails and quickly decorate your walls. Set out a few candles, just in case.

For that lingering pot smell, use a little air freshener on the carpet and couch cushions, then light a Blunt Power incense stick on the coffee table to suffuse your house with a whole new smell. And maybe another in the bedroom. Again, just in case.

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Get Yourself Right

We trust you to know how to get yourself looking sharp for a date. You know what you look best in, how you like your hair and the perfect kicks for the occasion. But don't forget to spritz your clothes and hair if there's any risk that they smell like your afternoon joint or the smoke that regularly suffuses your house.

Broach the Subject Indirectly

Once you're on that big date, no doubt you start with the usual 'getting to know you' chat. You'll share your favorite music and movies and funny stories about your friends. During this casual first-date chat, try indirectly mentioning marijuana to gauge their reaction. Tell a funny story about something a friend did while stoned. Tentatively suggest that if you knew someone who smoked pot, you wouldn't be a total stick-in-the-mud about it and just see how they react.

If they laugh and tell a stoner joke about their friends, you're safe. Remember, your new flame might just be trying to feel out how you feel about mary jane, too.

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Make a Subtle Stoner Joke

If the first toe-dip into marijuana culture doesn't give you a clear answer, try a stoner joke. Make a joke or use some cannabis culture vocab that would go over the head of a non-stoner. If they laugh at you subtle stoner joke, you're golden and they at least aren't a stickler about the marijuana. If they seem totally confused, you may be dealing with a rookie who doesn't know how to feel one way or the other. Or someone who is conservative, but doesn't like to be a kill-joy.

Decide About the Big Reveal

Depending on how your tentative stoner jokes went over, you might discover that you're in good company and the night will probably end with sharing a joint. If your date seems ignorant of the cannabis culture but a generally good-natured person, this might be your chance to introduce your beautiful date to something new and amazing. But all in all, you should use your best judgment on whether to reveal that you partake or keep it under wraps until you build a stronger relationship.

Many people may have second thoughts about dating a stoner on the first date. But it's also cool to give it a few dates until you're sure they're into you one way or the other.

Worst Case Scenario Plan

It's always good to prep yourself with a worst-and-best case scenario set of plans. This lets you respond in a super cool and unsurprised way no matter what happens on either extreme. So what will you do if your date responds to your first story about a friend stoning with derision and disgust, condemning you for even spending time with someone who stones?

Chances are, your best bet is to smile, sit back, and politely end the date after dinner. This person isn't for you, no matter how beautiful they may be on the outside.

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Best Case Scenario Plan

On a happier thought, what will you do if your date suddenly gushes about their favorite strains and pulls their personal spoon pipe from a pocket to show off its swirls? You want to be prepared for this awesome potential outcome, as well. Consider having a little something ready to share, or a favorite dispensary you can tour as a part of your extended date-part-two when you totally hit it off and wind up smoking out all night together, bonding over your shared love of the sticky icky.

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