Did you engage in a wake and bake a little too long, and now you're late for class? Well, you got two options, my friend! You can either skip the class altogether, or you can figure out a way to get the smell out of your clothes before you head into the lecture hall. We don't recommend skipping your required classes. That's a quick way to destroy your academic year.  Thankfully you have a couple of options at your disposal to ensure you don't miss a class or get caught smelling in it. Blunt Power has you covered! 

Preventative measures to get the stank out 

If you haven't yet toked, but you definitely want to before heading to class, you have a couple of preventative measures that can ensure you don't bring your dirty little secret to the attention of your professor. 

1. Smoke outside: Smoking outside brings its own potential dangers, but it's an excellent way to make sure the smell doesn't stick to the fibers in your clothes. Even smoking out of an open window can help exponentially. 

2. Blow the smoke away from you: If you have a small fan, consider facing it away from you, then blow the smoke directly into the fan. The exhaust will pull the smoke away from you, ensuring it doesn't get tangled up in your clothing. 

3. Go for a walk after: Sure, you probably don't want to go for a walk right after smoking, but a 15-30 minute walk on a sunny, windy day can do wonders for freshening up your clothing. Take the lose, and take a brisk walk to campus to get that stench out and your clothes smelling fresh. 

4. Don't bake out a small space: Baking a small area can seem like a lot of fun. It can be, but not if you have somewhere to be 20 minutes after the joint goes out. When you bake a room out, you'll inevitably sit in a cloud of smoke. The smoke has got to go somewhere, and it's going to go into your hair and the fiber of your clothing. You might not smell it when you are walking away, but everyone else will. Reserve these bake sessions for days where you have absolutely nowhere essential to be. 

late for class

So you forgot to prevent the problem, don't freak out

If you failed miserably at preventing the smell from sticking to you, it's alright. You can still save your attendance record without getting caught reeking like smoke when you finally do roll into class. 

1. Use an odor eliminator: Before you head out the door, spray yourself with an odor eliminator, like Blunt Power. Don't overdo it though, a quick spritz that you walk through should be enough to cover the smell without making things too obvious. Do avoid drowning your body in cologne or body spray. That is absolutely the quickest way to get yourself noticed. 

2. Hand sanitizer goes a long way: To keep your hands smelling fresh, a little hand sanitizer can be helpful. Again, less is more in this scenario. A dime-sized dollop of hand sanitizer on your hands and up your forearms will keep the smell of a sticky blunt at bay until you can shower. 

3. Keep your hair pulled back: Ladies (and gentleman) with long hair should avoid keeping their hair down after just smoking. Pull that hair back in a ponytail and bun and don't touch it. If you tend to tussle your own hair or play with it when it's down, you'll just spread the smell of pot that was absorbed by the hair. Keeping it back will keep the odor at bay. If you are really worried, a quick spray of dry shampoo can mask the smell for the time being, too. 

Try to keep a low profile 

If you have to get to class, but you are really worried about how you smell, keeping a low profile is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself. Keeping a low profile will require you to act completely nonchalant, but we know you can pull it off. 

1. Sit in the back of the room: The further you are from the authority figure in the room, the better off you'll be. If your class is in a large lecture hall, you should have no problem pulling this off. The process is a bit tougher in smaller classrooms, but it can still work. For a small classroom, try to position yourself in a corner close to a window, or as close to the door as possible. This is the area that a professor is least likely to walk near when talking. 

2. Split as soon as the class is over: If you have a question about a paper, or you want to speak to your professor about something you didn't understand, save it for an email later. There is no need to hang around in a classroom if you are worried that you didn't effectively get the smell of pot out of your clothing. 

3. Don't bring anything with you on campus that you shouldn't have: Keeping a low profile will require some planning and a little bit of your attention. Make sure you don' have anything extra that smells on you. Avoid having roaches in your pocket or bag, leave the grinder at home, and whatever you do, don't carry your stash onto campus. All of those things can be left at home, and frankly should always be left there.

Blunt Power has you covered.

If you want to keep your toking and note taking separate, Blunt Power has you covered. With a couple of strategically placed air fresheners and a covert bottle hidden in a pocket, your little secret will be safe from the administration. There is no reason why you can't enjoy a smoke, while still excelling in school, as long as you know how to hide the evidence. Follow these simple tips for a successful academic year.