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5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Vaping Marijuana

We already know that marijuana has a pretty broad range of health benefits. You can smoke it, eat it, or take it as tinctures and supplements. You can go CBD or "Full spectrum".

But the one thing we didn't expect was for health benefits from the delivery method.

Vaping, in particular, has turned out to have a few surprising health benefits that we didn't even realize when the first cloud-chasers were trying the smokeless vibe.


Those of you who vape at home may already know what we're talking about. While we were all perfecting our favorite flavors and chasing the biggest vapor clouds, at some point we realized that vaping is enjoyable and healthy beyond the high itself.

We discovered five different unexpected health benefits of vaping, things that have become invaluable in some vapers lives as the only product that can help with certain situations, conditions, and moods. But don't let us hold you back, let's dive right into these discoveries.

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Clear Your Sinuses

Take in a delicious mouthful of vape, then cycle it through the back of your sinuses and breathe it out your nose. Or, in simpler terms, vape out your nose. What happens?

Chances are, you'll need to grab a paper towel because your nose will drip. That's not just condensed vape in the sinus passages, the warm, damp vapor is also freeing up any sticky phlegm.

Some people suffer from sticky phlegm natively and deal with constant stuffy nose or post-nasal drip (when phlegm is stuck in the back of your throat, which can drip down causing a sore throat). And if you have smoked cigarettes or marijuana recently, that can also cause sticky phlegm.

The next time you're feeling phlegmy or like you just can't clear your sinuses, try vaping something with citrus or mint/menthol. Both of these types of flavors have a light, slightly acidic effect that will not only moisten your sinuses, but also clear them with that special sparkly feeling that only citrus and mint can bring. It really does work wonders for clogged sinuses.

Soothe Your Throat and Lungs

Vape is also fantastic for soothing the feeling of a sore throat and lungs. This is, actually, one of the major appeals to people quitting smoking. If you're tired of your sinuses and lungs burning, if you're tired of waking up every day with a hacking cough, just try a touch of the vape. Pick a warm gentle flavor like cream or caramel, or a cool flavor like mint that will soothe your airways through-and-through.

Even for vapers who have never touched cigarettes, or for whom cigarettes are a distant memory, vape can help provide a soothing for lungs and throat when you need it. Whether you're recovering from a cold or just coughed an awesome hit from your now-legal joint, vape is a great way to not just ease the burning sensation, but make it fully go away.

If your lungs burn, draw the vape all the way in and wait three seconds. You won't see as much cloud, but that soothing vapor will have done it's work on the mucous membranes in your lungs, esophagus, and sinuses.

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Ease Sinus-Related Headaches

Do you get sinus headaches? For people who do, this is often caused by sinuses or phlegm (or a combination) that tend to clog up and then create an unpleasant pressure. You might feel the pressure around your eyes, ears, or the top of your nose. And if you suffer from sinus headaches, or find yourself experiencing one on rare occasions, vaping through your nose can help.

Unsurprisingly, that sinus-clearing power of citrus or minty vape can also assist with many of the unpleasant symptoms of stopped-up sinuses. Vapers who battle with sinus pressure and buildup can help relieve that pressure by running warm vape through your sinuses. As the vape loosens the phlegm stuck inside your sinus cavities, it can help to release it so you can finally blow your nose and experience some relief.

For headache assistance, focus on more intensively clearing flavors of menthol and mint, which are known for their sinus aiding properties. Menthol is just as powerful in vape form as it is in lozenges or topical ointments. In fact, it's more effective because you're running the menthol straight through your sinuses where you need it most.

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Destress with Deep Breathing

Vaping can also relax you, and not just because it tastes good and makes you want to savor the flavor. Vaping is an act of breath control and, done in certain ways, can help you to achieve deep breathing with a satisfyingly tasty motivator. If you tend to get stressed out and need a trigger to help you relax and get out of that head-space, vape really can help.

For the naturally neurotic or anyone experiencing a stressful time in your life, taking a moment to vape is also a moment to breathe. To appreciate the finer things in life, and to clear your head. Deep breathing is a known medical and psychological technique for calm and emotional clarity. It's also helpful if you're trying not to turn to another destressing product.

For the many people who use vape to leave behind other addictions (not just smoking), vape has provided an interesting alternative to reaching for the substance when feeling stressed. The destressing qualities of smoking nicotine or marijuana, for example, can be simulated without intoxication simply by breathing in the vape and breathing out the stress.

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Learn to Control Your Breaths

Last but certainly not least, vaping is something that can teach anyone breath control. When you control your breathing, you control your mood, your heartbeat, and your stress level. Whether you're cloud-chasing or practicing vape tricks, you're also learning how to control your breath. Cloud-chasing teaches you how to stop a cough as huge amounts of vapor expand in your throat, while vape tricks require tight mouth and throat control to form shapes or create effects.

But you may also notice, as we did, that learning these things is beneficial later when you don't want to cough or control your breath in other circumstances. When you're sick and don't want to interrupt a meeting, when you're taking a weed-cation and don't want to cough a hit or, as we mentioned, when you're stressed and want to calm down.

Use the breath control techniques and discipline you've learned vaping and turn it toward your yoga, your cardio exercise, or when you're on the verge of a panic attack. You might be surprised just how effective you've become. We were.


Plus, It Doesn't Stank Up the Place

The final kicker for whether vaping is awesome is the fact that you can vape and enjoy big billowing clouds without making your house smell like roach. Vaping produces lighter particles, none of which are smoke. There is some localized odor that dissipates quickly and is not overpowering. Unless, of course, you choose to add a fragrance.

Vaping is a great way to enjoy your marijuana, improving your health and sense of stoned wellbeing without creating that distinct marijuana smell. And for everything else, there's Blunt Power air freshener. Whether you just lit a high-grade joint, cooking canna-butter, or rolling some fresh keefy nugs into a bong, Blunt Power has the oomph to cover that weed smell in seconds. 

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