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The Stoner's Guide To Getting Your Security Deposit Back

vaping apartment

Sure, sure, you signed paperwork that promised you wouldn't destroy your apartment while you were living there.

Maybe the lease contract even said something about not smoking inside the unit....

...While it's always best to obey the rules, sometimes a little smoking indoors, especially when it's bitterly cold out is necessary.

Bending the rules a little shouldn't cost you your security deposit, though. We have a few surefire ways to ensure you'll get your security deposit back when you decide it's time to upgrade your digs. After all, we're here to help! 

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First Things First, Know Your Rights

So you signed a lease agreement. That's pretty standard, but a lot of landlords rely on the miseducation of their tenants when a lease ends. In order for your landlord to keep a security deposit, they have to prove that they had to pay to rectify whatever damage they believe the tenant caused. Traditional wear and tear isn't included in what a court would consider damages. 

In order for your landlord to pocket your security deposit for smoking, they would have to prove that they spent time and money rectifying the situation prior to allowing a new tenant to move in. Smoking inside a couple of times probably won't cause your landlord undue time and money to remedy; nevertheless, they may try and use any hint of a smoke smell as an excuse to keep your money. Your best offense is a good defense, so getting your apartment straight before returning the keys is your best bet. In short, you don't want to give your landlord any potential reason to try to pocket your cash. It's way better off in your pocket, right?

Declutter The Space 

When you know you are about to move, it's time to get down to business and declutter your space. If you have smoking accessories around, pack those up first and move them out of the apartment. Getting rid of grungy bowls and caked bats out of the space will go a surprisingly long way in dealing with lingering smells. Pack them away in a large Tupperware container or storage bin and move them to a safe location. If a friend is willing to house your goodies during your moving process, just leave everything there. 

Throw out all random papers and junk you don't need. The less you have in the house, the less lingering smoke smell you'll deal with. A lot of people like to clear out all of their furniture before they move onto the next step, but it's not 100% necessary. If you can move your furniture ahead of time, it'll be easier to deal with any issues that you didn't know about before your final walkthrough. 

cleaning apartment

Clean The Crib From Top To Bottom 

It's time to pull out all of your cleaning supplies and to get down to work. Start by cleaning out everything you know needs to be out of the apartment, then get to work washing the floors and walls. If you have carpet, you may want to invest in a rented carpet cleaner just to make sure any lingering odors aren't hanging out in the carpet. Focus your efforts on the areas were you smoked most often, as those walls and floors are most likely to hold lingering smells. Make sure you pay close attention to areas that you may have neglected during regular cleaning. Under the bed, under the couch and tight corners are areas that are often forgotten during daily cleaning routines, and they can harbor some nasty odors. 

If you aren't great at the whole cleaning process, you might just want to throw money at the problem. Hiring a cleaning service is always an option. Before you agree to let someone clean the house, make sure they know you'd like the whole place deep cleaned. Some services offer packages specifically for individuals moving out of rented properties. 

Leave the Windows Open For A Couple Days 

Before you are ready to turn in your keys, open up your windows and leave them open for a couple of days. It doesn't matter if you are handing in your keys at the height of the summer or during the brisk winter months. Seriously, opening windows is enough in most cases to make an apartment smell fresh and new quickly. Make sure all of the interior doors are open, too. A good cross-breeze is nature's odor remedy. 

If you are the type of tenant who likes curtains, you'll want to pull those down as soon as possible if you've been smoking inside the house. The material in curtains is excellent at trapping odors, and ripping those down and getting them washed is a superb way to remove any lingering smoke smell.

If you aren't into doing a lot of laundry, and those curtains didn't cost much, you can choose just to toss them in the garbage, too. We are all for making your life a little bit easier, and if doing another load of laundry isn't in your list of priorities, we get it. 

Burn some Incense and Give The Place a Spritz Right Before Your Walkthrough 

Once all of your property is out of the place, burn some Bluntpower incense the night before your walkthrough. Right before the landlord shows up, spritz the apartment with some of Bluntpower's air freshener, and you are sure to be ready to get your money back. Make sure your landlord is aware that you'll be expecting your deposit at the end of the walkthrough. 

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Once you've gotten through the final walkthrough, take a couple of pictures of the place. You don't want to be caught holding the bag for any damage that you didn't actually cause. Now it's time to head to your new home and stank up and entirely new living space.

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