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5 Tips for Toking During a Your Holiday Vacation

If your family lives in a legal state, you're in luck. You don't have to leave your favorite habit behind to go home for the holidays. Legally, you could toke out on the back porch after a big family meal, making a truly blissful holiday. Of course, to do this, you'll need to plan very tactfully. It's assumed that most of your family is not down with mary jane and would disapprove if they directly caught you toking during family time. Fortunately, there are many smooth ways to enjoy a joint or two over the holidays without offending your family or cramping your style.

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Trust us, the BluntPower team has been there. We're here to offer a few tips on how to go home for the holidays with a packet of blunts and enjoy yourself.

Up Your Sleeve

The first trick is to have marijuana you can easily smoke given a few moment's opportunity. Many people switch entirely to vape for the holidays because the smell is less pungent and a vape stick easy to keep in your pocket. But you can also keep a pack of joints or a small pipe on you if that's your jam. The trick is to have everything you need in your pockets, possibly hidden in your coat which you grab to stand on the porch. 

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The three best ways are to vape shatter, or smoke joints or a pipe. Shatter, unlike marijuana e-liquid, is completely safe. It's clean to vape and packs a serious kick so just a few puffs will do you. You can stash a packet of joints in a small tin or wallet compartment. Just be sure to wrap them in something to mask the smell. You can also keep a small pill bottle of pre-crushed leaf to load a little pipe kept in your pocket. This kind of gear will allow you to catch a few puffs in any moment alone.

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Always Go Outside

Never toke indoors during the holidays unless in your own home. This is the single most polite thing you can do for both relatives and any lodgings you may have booked. The old smoking culture still lingers and most people understand if someone needs to step outside before or after a meal, or if a relative is sometimes making clouds on the porch.

Find quiet moments or just politely excuse yourself when you want to catch a puff. Then take yourself outside and walk far enough away not to bother anyone. This might mean smoking on the porch, but away from the windows. Or you might take a few steps out into the yard or down the street instead.

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Take Toking Walks

Taking a walk is a known part of the holidays and a great way to get the right privacy to toke. Many people take walks to clear their heads and get a little exercise on the holidays. A walk around the block or around the rural property can be healthy and give you time to reflect, while also giving you time to smoke a joint without bothering anyone. If you have a cool relative who wants to come, include them in a few walks and decide whether you're comfortable toking around them along the way. 

De-Smell Yourself When Coming Back

You can keep your toking out of sight, but you'll still have stank odor when you come back inside. This is a serious problem for uptight relatives who can pretend not to know, but only if they don't have to smell it. The solution is to keep a small bottle of BluntPower air freshener in your jacket pocket. When you're coming back in from a toke-break, give yourself a quick spritz. Spray your jacket, hat, and hair to be sure that you smell like peppermint or baby powder instead of marijuana. Popping a mint as you return is a good ideas well.

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Be Honest When Asked

If someone is savvy enough to know what's up, go ahead and 'fess up. The holidays is, overall, about bonding as a family. So if your cool old uncle asks, you might just get a cool old weed story in return for the truth. Even uptight relatives will appreciate that you have been respectfully distant and are being honest with them.  Many people won't mind as much as you expected, and those who would be really offended won't join you on the porch to ask, mostly. Use your own discretion based on your own family dynamic.

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Share with Cool Relatives

And if someone asks for a puff, go ahead and share. From your recently of-age cousin to your cool old uncle, it's a good feeling to share the MJ with someone new. You get to know a new aspect of a loved one, their stoned self, by sharing. And you build an incredible bonding foundation in the simple act of passing the joint. Maybe you just stare at the stars together for a while, or maybe it's the beginning of a whole night spend learning new things about a relative who's cool enough to hang. Keep an open mind, and don't be too afraid to pass the joint.

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Keep Your Stash Secure

There is one thing you should be careful of: Storing your stash. Make sure that any weed you bring to the holiday is very safely secured in your luggage or on your person. Any stash in your luggage should be child-proof secured and zipped away into a smell-proof bag. Ideally, put a small padlock on your stash-bag so that no pets or curious underaged relatives can get into trouble.

On your person, make sure you know where your weed is and don't leave it too long in an unattended coat. Again, pets and underaged family members might be tempted or make a mistake. So keep your stash secure. Consider zipping and locking pouches even for what you keep on your person.

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Going home for the holidays doesn't have to mean going sober for weeks. Bring your stash, bring your Bluntpower Air Freseheners. But also play it cool and remember to freshen up on your way back inside.

BG for BLUNTPOST (8)-1As long as you respect the long-standing etiquette of smoking during family holidays, you can catch all the tokes you want. Especially if you're cool with those relatives who are quietly cool with you.Grab This Fragrance Set

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