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8 Tips for Turning a Sick Day into a Recovery Vacation with BluntPower

Being sick can be a real bummer, especially if it's bad enough that you have to take a whole day off work. When your body feels like you've got pneumonia and you're sneezing your head off every ten minutes, you might think that this is about to be a terrible day. But it doesn't have to be. Look on the bright side, you're already taking a day off work to stay home and you have every reason to take good care of yourself so you can feel better soon. Which means now is the perfect time to turn this into a recovery vacation.

It's time to kick up your feet, sit back on a giant pile of pillows and get stoned out of your mind. Today could be the best sick day you ever had. BluntPower is bringing you the best possible guide to make feeling sick feel good. You may be ill but you don't have to be miserable.

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1) Pamper Yourself Like Royalty

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Get your pampering gear together because today you are the queen or king of the castle. You have the house all to yourself and it's time to rule the roost. Whatever makes you feel most luxurious, get it together. Slip into your fuzzy bathrobe, let down your hair, and start your day with a frothy glass of orange juice, not just for your health. 

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2) Plump Up the Pillows for Sick-Base Alpha 

Now it's time to prepare your throne. It's important to get plenty of rest today and, chance are, you don't really want to move around that much. So pick your favorite spot in front of the TV and steal every pillow in the house. Set yourself up for ultimate sick-day comfort. Get a trashcan and tissues nearby, stock up on snacks, and grab your favorite throw blanket to wrap up in. In fact, it might even be worth it to throw together a cooler full of ice so that cold drinks are close at hand. If you don't want to, you don't have to get up for anything today. You can lie in one place enjoying the luxury of recovery from the best comfy seat in the house.

3) Break Out MJ Vape and Edibles


Now it's time to get the most stoned you have ever been in your life. Oh yes, you knew it was coming and we never disappoint. Today, you want to be high. Even more you want that awesome body high that makes you feel relaxed and that brain high that takes you right out of your body. Why linger in discomfort when you can take yourself to a completely new dimension. Today is a great day for a hybrid with a killer body high and an out-of-this-world mental experience.

Of course, you don't want to actually smoke out today because that would wreck your throat and make the coughing ten times worse. So instead, you'll want your non-smoke alternatives nearby. If you have any edibles at home, these are now your snack of choice for the day because you can stone out of your mind without getting your currently mutinous sinuses involved. Or you can vape any oil or leaf you have instead of smoking if you're careful. In fact, vaping can even help clear and cleanse your sinuses while taking you to that other dimension.

4) Power Stream Your Favorite Shows

Now that your feet are up and you're pleasantly blitzed, you're ready to lose yourself in some really great TV. Get your power-stream on with whatever TV show you love most. Pick something with at least three seasons that you know by heart and let that shit roll, or pick an awesomely long series of movies that you love. You don't need your whole brain to rewatch something you love but you can still completely immerse with the combination of your great high and the great quality of your pick.

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5) InstaCart Soup, Ice Cream, and Cold Medicine

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Need some sick-day supplies you don't have at home right now? Need a huge vat of chocolate ice cream, or ten cans of your favorite soup, or two gallons of OJ? The good news is that there are grocery delivery services that can totally bring that to your door without you having to leave the house or even stand up for more than five minutes to answer the door. No need to drag yourself to the grocery store or even ask a friend to go for you.

6) Draw a Bubble Bath

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When you need a change of pace, draw yourself the most awesome bubble bath your home supplies can create. Pour some oatmeal and vanilla in there. Add a little menthol and let the bubbles froth up luxuriously. Then slip in and feel your whole body relax.  Lie in the bath and let yourself nearly fall unconscious -but not quite. Let the high take you to another level of bubble bath and relax until the water cools or your body demands a change of pace.

Then slip into your fluffiest towel, down a quart of orange juice, and collapse back into your pile of pillows.

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7) Mix Yourself a Soothing Skin Treatment

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If you're already using menthol and lying around, then you have every reason to mix yourself up a soothing skin treatment. Break out the oatmeal again, maybe a little lemon and a dash of peppermint essential oil. Coat yourself in the skin-softening mixture and lie on towels as it dries. Wash it off in the shower and, again, collapse back into your pile of pillows and your favorite TV show.

8) Use BluntPower to Make Your Room Smell Wonderful

Last but certainly not least, we know that being sick doesn't always smell amazing, but BluntPower can make sure your home smells like whatever makes you feel most regal on your royal recovery vacation. Whether you want the home to smell like fresh baked goods, crisp citrus, or the gentle fresh smell of baby powder, we've got you covered.

Light a long-burning incense to keep your home smelling wonderful all day or mix and match by spraying which ever BluntPower air freshener makes you feel most wonderful in the moment.


Being sick doesn't have to mean having a bad time. With your throne of pillows, some amazing edibles, and the fresh feeling of BluntPower at your side, you can turn this day off of work into a fantastic sick-day vacation.

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