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Trust Your "Spidey Sense" on When It's Time to Hide the Weed

There are some times when your instincts are three steps ahead of you; when the back of your mind and the pit of your stomach tell you what's up long before your head could put together the evidence. You know that feeling, when something tells you to stub out the joint and cover the smell even though you can't justify the feeling. Then those footsteps you ever-so-faintly heard turn into your mom at the door and you know your instincts did you right.  

Trusting Your Spidey Sense

Here at BluntPower, we know all about trusting that 'spidey sense' when the time comes. Because it's better safe than sorry and the human brain is an incredible thing. Maybe you subtly recognized the crunch of your mom's shoes, maybe you just picked up the hostile vibes from the neighbor who came to complain about your music thump again. But when that feeling comes, you trust it. Because who wants to blow their buzz any further by facing an irate uptight authority, right?

So today, we're on about the spidey-sense: When to trust it and put together the clues after the fact.


Your Spidey-Response Kit

Before that critical spidey-moment, you need to have everything nearby to quickly kill a joint and cover the smell of your moments-ago marijuana chill. Whether you're in the dorm room, your car, or even your own apartment about to be invaded by a buzz-kill. It helps to  have supplies at-hand to quickly handle the situation when your spidey sense goes off.

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Quick Response Kit

  • Ashtray 
  • Tupperware or Airtight Box
  • Bottle of Blunt Power Air Freshener

In a lighting-fast response when you haven't had time to prepare, you can salvage a situation by quickly hiding and enclosing everything weed-smelling in a few quick movements.  Stub out your joint or blunt in the ashtray or tamp out your pipe. Then, drop your blunt, ashtray, and all your weed supplies into an airtight box and slip it out of sight. Your quick-finishing move is to spray the whole room with a gentle-yet-powerful fragrance of BluntPower air freshener, designed to hide the smell of weed effectively without making your room smell like you just covered up weed. Pretty dope, all said.

If you don't even have time for an airtight box, shove everything into a cabinet or zip it into your bag for temporary smell-containment, then freshen your bag or cabinet with a little more focused spray.

Spidey Response Kit

  • Ashtray
  • Multi-Compartment Grinder
  • Smell-Proof Bag
  • Bottle of Blunt-Power Air Freshener

For the ninja-smoker pro, you can also put together a more purpose-built kit made to hide the smell of that blunt you were just smoking and the buds you broke up for the purpose. For this move, stub your joint or tamp your pipe, then sweep any unused green back into your multi-compartment grinder. Drop it all into a smell-proof bag with your jar of nugs and zip-up. Then release the BluntPower air freshener. Between the weed-overpowering force of BluntPower and your smell-proof bag, your unexpected uptight visitor will never smell or suspect a thing.


Sensing the Approaching Buzz-Kill

Once you've got your kit together, it's safe to kick back and get stoned, either on your own or with your best buds. Of course, when there are buzz-kills about, it's never truly safe and knowing that has saved you dozens of times. From nosy parents to cranky friends, it helps to have that sense when it's time to make like you totally weren't getting stoned less than thirty seconds before someone not-so-cool walks into the room. Heck, that spidey sense may have even warned you when a normally-cool person in a bad mood was on their way in and you were better off not being totally relaxed when they turned the key. You trust that sense because when you need to have your stuff out of sight and the signature smell obliterated, your spidey sense has got you covered.


The RA Approacheth

College students have been blunting in the dorms for as long as there have been colleges. There's something about being a young adult on your own, far from parents, and surrounded by other people who are probably cool that makes you want to get stoned. Not to mention, it's the perfect way to keep the grades-stress down between research projects and term papers.

So you've got your feet up on the desk and you're passing the joint back and forth with your roommate when you hear a subtle hush in the hallway outside. Maybe someone turned down their radio, or maybe your brain just knows. You and your roommate exchange a glance. In seconds, you have the joint put out and stashed in the tin of colored pencils under your desk. Your roommate's got the same sense and they're filling the air with BluntPower right as you hear a knock on the door.

It's your RA, of course it is, and somehow you knew. They have some announcements to share or mail to give you. They sniff for a moment and glance around your messy dorm. But all they can smell is fresh lemon or baby powder, so they shrug and head back the other way. Once again, the coast is clear.



When Your Own Place Should be Safe (But Isn't)

Or maybe you're even more independent than the dorms. You're a savvy adult and you've got your own place. Officially, you should be free to do any damn thing you want, as long as it doesn't keep the neighbors awake (and even sometimes when it does). So, of course, you turn your living room into a smokatorium. Of course you invite all your friends over on the weekends to share the bong and a collection of hand-rolled blunts.

The cool thing about the spidey-sense, is that it knows when someone's cool and when they aren't'. Friends have been arriving all night as they get off work or get away from other gigs. Your best friend arrived two hours ago. One of your buddies showed up twenty minutes ago. But when you hear another faint set of footsteps coming up your walk, suddenly you have the sense.

You give your buds the signal and everyone moves into action. The bong goes into the desk cabinet. The weed is swept back into the grinder and stashed in your smell-proof bag, along with the half-smoked and unsmoked blunts. You're filling the air with BluntPower just as the doorbell rings. 

It's your cranky neighbor asking you to turn the music down for the third time this month, and you know they're trying to catch you at something more 'sinister'. Too bad, neighbor! You've got the spidey sense!

Never Get Caught Stankin Again! FREE Shipping On Orders Over $25. Get BluntPower Today. 

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