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Wicked Weed – A Hip-Hop Primer

As a Hip-Hop fan, what kind of cannabis nugs do you buy regularly? Buying sweet nugs is perhaps a way of life lately, though it's probably not the only type of Hip-Hop culture you consume.

What about fast foods, other types of weed, or even air fresheners?

As someone who loves different aromas, it's probably not easy finding Hip-Hop inspired fragrances to buy. Did you know it's possible to buy one in an air freshener?

Take a look at seven sweet Hip-Hop things you likely love, and why a unique air freshener is perhaps one thing missing in your life.

  1. The Indica vs. Sativa Debate Continues
    These two strains of weed are a big part of Hip-Hop culture, and you're no doubt familiar with them. Debates have gone on for years on which strain is better. Sativa supposedly gives you a head high, and Indica gives you an effective body high. Smoking a hybrid blunt reportedly gives you both sensations. 

    To date, Sativa comes out slightly on top in popularity, though there really isn't a strong preference for either.
  1. Herijuana
    Out of the Indica strains comes Herijuana, a favorite marijuana brand of Snoop Dogg. He says it provides a strong flavor while numbing your entire body to all physical pains.

    Since Snoop Dogg is synonymous with weed lately, it's worth listening to what he considers cool in weed brands.
  1. Hip-Hop Hacks
    You're starting to see events recently that combine technology with Hip-Hop culture. One event called Hip-Hop Hacks takes place each summer to discuss how technology affects the Hip-Hop industry. An event like this has perhaps been on your radar, but you possibly haven't heard of this one.

    The most recent Hip-Hop Hack took place in New York this last June.
  1. Favorite Hip-Hop Album to Listen to While Smoking Weed
    If you're going to smoke the most popular Hip-Hop-inspired weed brands, you also want to enjoy it with some Hip-Hop music. According to many, the Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" is the top album to listen to while imbibing. It's already an album about getting high, and no Hip-Hop fan should do without it in their favorite playlists.
  1. Favorite Food in Hip-Hop Culture
    As Rolling Stone noted a couple of years ago, food and Hip-Hop have quite a history. You'll find foods like T-bone steaks, cheese eggs, and Welch's grape juice mentioned in a lot of famous Hip-Hop songs.

    In recent years, numerous restaurants in NYC have begun to serve fast food and create atmospheres celebrating the culture. One of these is an ice cream parlor in New York's East Village called Mikey Likes It.
  1. Air Fresheners with a Hip-Hop Theme
    You'll find some independent dealers who've put out air fresheners with Hip-Hop themes. However, a lot of them are strictly made for your car to mask any weed scent. These air fresheners also come in overly basic fragrances while cleverly applying the faces of Hip-Hop icons on the products.

    What if you could find an air freshener with more stylized Hip-Hop fragrances? You can with Blunt Power.

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