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10 Sweet Hip-Hop Nugs - Treat Your Dad This Father's Day

Dad's are special, too, you know...so don't treat Father's Day as some kind of afterthought. However, when it comes to getting a gift for your dad, it's not as cut and dry as it is for Mother's Day. '

So, before you give in to the old necktie and generic card, check out this list of gifts that are sure to make your dad one happy man this Father's Day.


10 Ways to Treat Your Dad on Father's Day


1. Cigars - Whether your dad's a smoker or not, that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate the flavor of a good cigar. Let's be honest, who doesn't? Specially made for 2018, the AVO 22 is a limited edition. A unique canister containing 19 cigars, your dad will most certainly enjoy the fine flavors of the Ecuadorian wrapper and Dominican fillers. Sure, these are little more pricey than the Black & Mild's you're used to settling for, but it's Father's Day so it's okay to splurge.

2. Grey Goose - You got it...Vodka! And this is the good stuff, the stuff your dad is really going to appreciate. Imported and perfect for mixed drinks or straight, this vodka is off the hook. Even if your dad's not a big drinker, Grey Goose is the sort of thing he won't mind having on hand when the mood strikes.

3. Weed - Even if your dad only enjoys a toke here and there, there's nothing wrong with the gift of weed. However, presentation is key here. Handing dad a baggie isn't going to cut it; instead, pre-roll some blunts or joints, package them up, and top your gift off with a bow. Know your dad's favorite strain? Do your best to get it or surprise him with something new.

4. Air freshener - This is best given along with the more smelly gifts you may be giving; or, maybe your dad enjoys the benefits of aromatherapy. Either way, you can't go wrong with the many scents BluntPower's got to offer. Regardless of whether your dad's just finished a cigar or a blunt, just 3 sprays of BluntPower's air freshener will tame the smoky smell. This comes in really handy if your dad's other half (aka your mom) isn't too keen on his smoky indulgences.

5. Munchie basket - There's nothing most men like more than a delicious stash of their favorite munchies. You know your dad best, so get creative. All time favorites like Doritos and Funyuns are a definite must. Be sure to include his favorite candy, too, and some jerky. For the dad that's a little more health-conscious, an assortment of nuts, trail mix, and fruit works great, too.

6. Season passes - No matter where your dad lives, he's probably within driving distance of a sports arena. If your dad's a big fan of his home team, season passes are the kind of thing he likely wouldn't treat himself to, but would really appreciate as a gift for Father's Day. Another perk is that he'll probably want to take you along, too.

7. Gift cards - Let's be serious; this gift is not as shallow as it's often made out to be. Truth be told, for some dad's, it's the perfect way to allow them to treat themselves. Does your dad like local craft beer? Then get him a gift card for his favorite brewery. Does your dad love going out to see the latest movies? Then get him a gift card for his favorite movie theater. There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple with gift cards.

8. BBQ supplies - Is your dad king of the grill? If so, give him the supplies he needs to grill out all summer long. The Pit Master Crate from Man Crates has everything you're dad could ask for. With new utensils, sauces, rubs, and wood chips, you're dad will be in his prime this summer thanks to you. Take it up a notch and get him a new apron, too.

9. Grooming gifts - Yes, men care just as much about how they look and smell as the ladies do. So, don't leave your dad empty handed this Father's Day. Get him the gift of grooming supplies. If he prefers the look of a clean shave, get him a brand new set of shaving supplies. If he's into the bearded look, invest in some oils for facial hair. Know what scent he likes to where? Get it!

10. Dinner - Honestly, one of the best things you can give your dad this Father's Day is your time. A delicious meal is great, too. So set an evening aside and treat your dad to the dinner of his choice. Good food, good drinks, and good conversation equal one great memory. 

Make this Father's Day one to remember. With this hot list of gifts any dad would love, there's no way you can go wrong. 

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