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Top 5 Things to Do on 4/20

Happy freakin holidays, Y’all. The day is finally here and I am sure most of you are in the middle of celebrating. Whether you are at the 4/20 festival we talked about last week, or just hanging out listening to some music, we hope you are enjoying yourself. There are definitely a lot of ways to celebrate today but we wanted to share our favorite things to do on this glorious day.
  1. Get Outside and Be with Nature
Obviously, this depends on where you live but if the sun is out and you don’t need a giant ass coat to keep you warm, get out there and take it all in. Find some hiking spots around you and be with nature for the day. It is super relaxing and allows you to not be stuck in your place all day. However, the pre “celebration” plus the physical activity will probably make you hungry AF so make sure to bring some snacks.
  1. Start that Movie Marathon and Relax
We already gave you our top 10 stoner movies to watch when you’re high. That is a great place to start. And if this year is like any year prior, a lot of networks already will have movie marathons going on throughout the day. 
  1. Hangout with a group of like-minded people and listen to some good music
Well, this one should be on the list every time you are high. But getting a good group together for a session and listening to new music always a good way to spend your day. Especially today, there are some artists that just dropped some dank stuff. J. Cole just came out with his new album “KOD” and Wiz Khalifa dropped a new 420 Freestyle
  1. Plan to eat that good grub
Is your food delivery app ready? You already know that your ass is going to be sitting on that app for a good 2 hours trying to decide what to eat. Before you give up and make a weird concoction in your kitchen, plan out what food and snacks you want to eat before you start the holiday festivities.
  1. Go to a live show
You can never go wrong with live music or some type of live show. We definitely recommend looking around your local area to see if there is a live show for you to go to. Plus, live music when you are high as hell is perfect. And if you are in a state where weed is legal, your time will be enhanced greatly.
We don’t want you on here all day while celebrating. Go out, have fun, and be safe! Once you are done, make sure to spray that room with some BluntPower air freshener to get rid of any smells. 

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