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BluntPower Blog

Our unique & unforgettable scents have been formulated by rockstar perfumers and trusted by Smokers for over 25 years. Discover what all the hype is about #TheOriginal.
The Schwag You Remember vs the Legal Leaf of Today
For many a modern marijuana smoker, we share fond memories of gathering as many..
10 Weed Strains Adored by Rappers
Weed and Hip-Hop have been synonymous since the origin of the genre in the..
The Stoner's Guide To Getting Your Security Deposit Back
Sure, sure, you signed paperwork that promised you wouldn't destroy your..
Incense Sticks vs. Diffusers vs. Sprays: Which One Works Best?
To spray, light, or diffuse, that is the question. Whether it is better to glow..
8 Side Hustles When You Don't Have Much Space
In today's world, even a full time job isn't always enough to pay the bills...
Munchies Galore - 10 Sweet & Savory Stoner Snacks
Every stoner has their go-to list of snacks to satisfy the munchies. Some like..
8 Tips for Turning a Sick Day into a Recovery Vacation with BluntPower
Being sick can be a real bummer, especially if it's bad enough that you have to..
The BEST Scents to Get Him in the Mood
Trust Your "Spidey Sense" on When It's Time to Hide the Weed
There are some times when your instincts are three steps ahead of you; when the..
Bringing Weed Brownies to the Party: How to Do it Up Right
There's a Party, You're Bringing Weed Brownies When there's a party going down,..

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