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BluntPower Blog

Our unique & unforgettable scents have been formulated by rockstar perfumers and trusted by Smokers for over 25 years. Discover what all the hype is about #TheOriginal.
7 Ways to Pair Weed with Home Remedies to Ease Muscle Aches
Marijuana has always had a few reliable uses. There are reasons why we fall..
How to Keep Your House Fresh With the Whole Family at Home
Every household has a unique balance of people and space. Some homes are solo,..
What Your Preferred BluntPower Air Freshener Says about You!
Over the course of a few decades, BluntPower has become one of the most..
How to Unlock The Full Strength of Bluntpower (so you never get caught stankin)
Every clever stoner knows that the stank is a dead giveaway. You've got to have..
10 Best Hip-Hop Songs Written About Weed
Hip-hop has had a significant role in shaping the cannabis culture we know and..
The "Woke" Stoners Coronavirus Survival Guide
When the ish gets heavy, we like to make jokes.
7 Best Times To Gift Extra Strength Air Freshener (without offending anyone)
Gift-giving can be a lot of fun. Every year, there are tons of opportunities to..
The Schwag You Remember vs the Legal Leaf of Today
For many a modern marijuana smoker, we share fond memories of gathering as many..
"Covid Chiefing" How To Get High WITHOUT Stinking Up The Place
...So the stay-at-home order has schools closed and businesses everywhere..
10 Weed Strains Adored by Rappers
Weed and Hip-Hop have been synonymous since the origin of the genre in the..

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